Spectra3D Technologies
Trusted Supplier Since 2017
(828) 490-1303
90 Haywood Rd #201,
Asheville, NC 28806
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Spectra3D Technologies is a premier additive manufacturing focused development company located in Asheville North Carolina. Spectra3D specializes in 3D printed investment casting patterns, tooling, jigs & fixtures & more utilizing Stacker & Fusion3 Design 3D printers. These very versatile printers are ideal for small series production all the way to large part printing and prototyping. Made in the USA, Spectra3D’s printer’s are truly industrial grade printers that are reliable and accurate. Partner with Spectra3D if you are looking for 3D printing industry veterans that are capable of precisely printing large parts. Prototype, customize and create with Spectra3D Technologies.


  • Stacker3D
  • Fusion3 Design
  • Makerbot

Spectra3D Technologies        Spectra3D Technologies        Spectra3D Technologies

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