Moseys Increases Revenue 10% with Paperless Parts
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Moseys Increases Revenue 10% with Paperless Parts


Anaheim, CA

Company Plan



CNC Machining

The Challenge

Moseys’ homegrown quoting system relied on email threads and spreadsheets, resulting in significant bottlenecks that inhibited company growth.

The Solution

Paperless Parts’ streamlined, organized software enables Moseys to produce quotes more efficiently, saving them time and resources and contributing to a lift in revenue.

The Results

  • Moseys increases quoting volume significantly due to faster quote turnaround

  • Moseys sees a 10% increase in revenue

  • Moseys reduces staff involvement in quoting


Moseys Production Machinists, Inc. is a family-owned and operated precision machining company. Founded in 1975 by Fred and Nedra Mosey, the company is now in its third generation of family management, with Nick Mosey serving as Chief Financial Officer.

Moseys is based in California and serves various industries, including automotive, medical, aerospace, oil and gas, electronics, and more. Moseys is a proud member of the National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA), an association that Paperless Parts partners closely with.

Parts created by Moseys


Lead time is a top priority in manufacturing, and customers expect to get quotes back as quickly as possible. Most of Moseys’ customers are on an 8-12 week cycle with their own customers, and Moseys’ 2-4 week quoting turnaround just wasn’t fast enough to meet their needs and win their business.


Moseys recognized that their slow in-house quoting system was obsolete and preventing the company from winning new business. At the time, their quoting process involved a home-grown system and several people from different departments entering data into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and communicating via email threads. The data was incredibly disorganized, and there was no visibility into who was blocking a quote from moving forward at any given time.

“We are never going to win if we send our customers a quote two weeks later. In two weeks, the job has already been won by someone else. The first person they will give the business to is the first to provide a quote. I knew we didn’t stand a chance if we couldn’t get a quote to somebody quicker than two weeks,” said Jeff Jackson, Business Development Manager at Moseys.


Moseys was looking to grow their business quickly, but the systems they had in place were not going to get them there. Moseys implemented Paperless Parts for greater visibility into their entire quoting process. With Paperless Parts’ home dashboard and Workflows, the next step needed for a quote is always clear. Sales can identify and address friction in Moseys’ quoting process, resulting in greater accountability across his staff. This increased clarity also results in cleaner and more professional quote presentations, lending credibility to Moseys’ business.Moseys employee using Paperless Parts' quoting platform

Paperless Parts also provides critical data about customer patterns, allowing Moseys to understand which customers award contracts and how long it takes them to do so. This information helps the shop prioritize its responses more strategically, allocating resources to customers who typically start work right away over those who wait weeks or months to begin.

For any data that Moseys needs but can’t access directly, Paperless Parts’ customer service and IT teams are on call to offer immediate assistance. The ability to provide feedback on how to improve the software to meet user needs more effectively has proved to Jeff that the software is well worth the investment.

“Paperless Parts has given me the tools to be incredibly flexible when quoting,” Jeff said. “I can be in the quote and can adjust it in real-time while I am having a conversation and in negotiations with a customer. I can also quote at a tradeshow, completely mobile.”

Moseys employee using Paperless Parts quoting software

Between the intuitive system, unparalleled customer service, and professional quote presentation, Paperless Parts enables the Moseys team to streamline their quoting process, increase revenue, and continue refining the quoting system to better meet their needs.

“Knowing that Paperless Parts is constantly developing its software and that the team is innovative and forward-looking was important to us. Knowing that Paperless Parts is going to grow into what manufacturers like us need in the future was very important to us. And we could see that and identify it in the culture and the team,” said Jeff. “Couple this with the Paperless Parts customer service, which is unparalleled, and the company is easily differentiated between big software companies.”


With Paperless Parts, Moseys:

  1. Moseys
    Mosey’s team member

    Increases quoting volume significantly. Moseys has sent out more quotes in the past year and a half since using Paperless Parts than in the four years before implementing the software. This higher volume in quote production has brought in more new business.

  2. Sees a 10% increase in revenue. Compared to the same period when Moseys quoted manually, Paperless Parts has enabled the company to generate 10% more revenue.
  3. Reduces staff involvement in quoting. In implementing Paperless Parts’ comprehensive quoting software, Moseys no longer needs to overburden customer service employees—and other staff members across departments—with quoting.

Paperless Parts helps Moseys grow its business by streamlining the quoting process and prioritizing customers who are more likely to award a contract and start work right away. Moseys is now sending out more quotes than ever before, resulting in more new business and a 10% increase in revenue.

Jeff Jackson

“I love the ability to visually see the workflow so I can put my time and energy into places where there’s friction or challenges that are slowing down what our customers need.”