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An Antiquated Quoting Process
Is Hurting Your Business

Spending hours

Quoting large assemblies in spreadsheets or ERP systems

requires hours of manual component creation.

Wasting time searching for the data you need

results in inefficiency and lost opportunities.
reduce rates

Details about parts are spread between models, prints, and emails,

siloing information and causing unnecessary risk.

Identifying hardware is a challenge,

and it’s equally challenging to ensure that you can purchase those parts.

Software Designed To Streamline Estimating and Quoting For Sheet Metal Fabrication

Rapidly Quote Sheet Metal Components and Assemblies

Unfold sheet metal components or vectorize PDFs and generate nests to rapidly calculate raw material pricing. Leverage geometry to automatically identify costing variables such as cuts, bends, pierces, cut length, and etchings directly in the Viewer to quickly understand the critical features that drive costing.

Paperless Parts detects more than 62 different geometric attributes in the 3D CAD model that can be used in the creation of your sheet metal pricing formulas. Automatically generate a bill of material and pull in purchase component pricing to streamline the estimating process for complex assemblies.


Easily Navigate BOMs and Figure Out What You are Working On with Automatic BOM Generation

Reconfigure the BOM to match your shop’s specific manufacturing process. Estimators can convert subassemblies and subcomponents to purchased components with the click of a button and are able to manipulate the order, parenting, and other elements of the BOM structure.

Don’t get locked into an arbitrary BOM structure prescribed by the engineer who built the model. Paperless Parts makes it faster and simpler to quote large, complex assemblies.


Reduce Human Errors with Manufacturability Warnings

Spot manufacturability issues before they cost you time and money. Paperless Parts analyzes geometric features and offers 25 configurable manufacturability checks to identify things like bend radius issues, bend relief issues, split bends, and other issues requiring secondary operations to manufacture. Customize manufacturability thresholds to your shop’s capabilities based on material, process, or workcenter to always catch critical issues.


Drive Accurate Costing and Provide More Competitive Quotes Without Sacrificing Responsiveness

With the ability to nest multiple components onto the same sheet of material, estimators no longer need to rely on external nesting software and copying and pasting data between multiple systems, which saves both time and money.


See Pricing and Availability of Fasteners and Collaborate with Distributors

With tight supply chains, it’s no longer a given that specific components will be available at the right time and price to complete a given job. Using Paperless Parts’ intelligent matching algorithms, estimators can now see the pricing and availability of fasteners from 11 different distributors, all without leaving the platform. This information can help identify potential issues that contribute to longer-than-expected lead times.

Learn more about our free PEMConnect™ tool in partnership with PennEngineering® >>


Streamline Communication with Secure, In-Context Collaboration Tools

Stop walking around your shop or searching through your inbox to get the information you need. Paperless Parts is more powerful than Microsoft Teams. Now you can communicate securely with your team in the context of the parts you are working on directly in the platform. Highlight features or measurements on 3D models or prints to clearly identify what you are referencing. Keep all of your data in one centralized and searchable location.


All-In-One Sheet Metal Estimating Software
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2D & 3D CAD File Viewer

View PDFs and 3D CAD files without native CAD software.
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Sales and CRM

Access data and capture notes on your customers in one centralized place.
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Manufacturability Warnings

Spot manufacturability issues before they cost you money.
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Highly Configurable CPQ

The most powerful and flexible CPQ engine that easily adapts to your workflow.
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Digital Quotes

Win business with digital quotes and payments that clearly communicate pricing options.
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Collaboration and Workflows

Communicate securely with your team and enable real-time visibility across your entire quoting process.
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Advanced Analytics

Analyze multiple layers of data to prioritize quotes and price work effectively.
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Secure File Sharing

Protect your customers’ intellectual property by securely sharing files through Paperless Parts.
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See Why Hundreds of Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Zack Fennell, COO

“We realized growth was happening in the shop, but our office functions couldn’t keep up. Now with Paperless Parts, our design and quoting processes are instantaneous. It’s easier for our estimation engineers to program, model, quote, and nest projects. It’s all one cohesive process that’s much faster.”

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Zack Fennell, COO

Sheet Metal Fabricators Improve Systems and Processes with Paperless Parts.

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Automated Quoting for Sheet Metal is Possible

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