Accelerating the Adoption of Modern Quoting Software

Paperless Parts and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Division have teamed up to promote the adoption of Paperless Parts and facilitate the connection to Hexagon's suite of manufacturing software. Hear from Paperless Parts' CEO about how this partnership will deliver value to our joint customers.

Connecting the Nodes of the Industrial Supply Chain

Paperless Parts and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions

Hexagon has been a long-standing leader in cutting-edge solutions that drive the performance of modern job shops and custom part manufacturers. Recognizing that quoting is still largely analog for most of their customers, Hexagon has teamed up with Paperless Parts to drive the adoption of Paperless Parts’ quoting platform across its US customer base.


Building an Integrated Solution on Nexus Digital Reality Platform

Paperless Parts and Hexagon are actively working to make Paperless Parts operable on the Nexus Digital Reality Platform, Hexagon’s open cloud-based platform designed to connect technologies from both Hexagon and its partner ecosystem. Nexus makes it easier to seamlessly pass critical information between different software solutions, helping shops break down information silos and operate more efficiently.


Achieving Machine Shop Excellence

Hexagon has also recently released an online Technology Benchmark tool for Machine Shops, designed to support machine shops as they transition from paper-based operations to digital innovation. The benchmarking tool enables shops to evaluate their performance against seven key focus areas where digital solutions can have a transformative impact on overall profitability and performance, including Quoting and Planning. Customers that regularly utilize Paperless Parts out perform peers in this category.


Hear from Our Joint Customers

Bill Berrien

“We’ve been a long-standing user of both Hexagon and Paperless Parts, and what unites those two companies is a common vision and understanding that technology can be a major differentiator for today’s manufacturers, which motivated me to originally introduce their leadership teams to each other. Both companies make the success of their customers their number one priority and have taken the time to ensure their products are specifically tailored to the unique demands of custom part manufacturers.”