How To Stop Asking “Did I respond to that RFQ or did you?”

With a quarter trillion (roughly 247 billion!) emails being sent per day, it’s easy to say your inbox should be the last place you’re running your business from. This is tough because you may have spent thousands of dollars on a website and click ads to push potential new customers to a “Contact Us” form … Continued

What’s New in Paperless Parts – March 20, 2019

We have some big updates this week on Paperless Parts including the new Operations interface, new manufacturing processes, better tracking of quote views, and improvements to Online Metals pricing recommendations!   Quote with the New Operations Interface We received a lot of feedback on the old quoting interface. Customers often asked us where the pricing … Continued

Understanding the Value of Your Shop – Part 2: Value Drivers

In part 1, we spoke about the biggest challenge to selling your manufacturing business – you. We outlined how shop owners become a single point of failure by performing too many critical business functions. These include business development, sales, and estimating. By doing this, when business owners try to exit, they end up leaving too … Continued

ITAR Compliance and Best Practices

One of the manufacturers using Paperless Parts recently approached us for advice on how to ensure their shop is ITAR compliant. What follows are our pointers on what manufacturers can do to ensure the proper policies and programs are in place. Note: This should not be taken as legal advice, rather best practices we have … Continued

Paperless Parts: Knocking Down Walls in Manufacturing

As a team, we are always looking for ways better serve manufacturers and champion innovation. We want to share some exciting updates with you, but first, a quick look at the past two years. The team at Paperless Parts originally set out to build a platform to help streamline the communication and commerce between buyers … Continued

Level Up Your Website’s RFQ Form with Paperless Parts

We constantly hear shops ask us, “How do I win new customers?” Our answer: take advantage of potential new customers visiting your website! This is especially true if you are running any marketing campaigns to bring buyers to your website. The Paperless Parts Smart RFQ Form™ can help your shop streamline the quoting process, beginning … Continued

Understanding the Value of Your Shop – Part 1

At some point your shop is going to make a transition in leadership or ownership. You might pass the business to your children or sell to a motivated entrepreneur. Whatever the case might be, your expertise needs to find its way to the next generation, because right now you are the business. If you are … Continued

Advice for Job Shops Just Getting Started

Whether you are just getting started or have been running your shop for decades, there are gems in this quick read for everyone. Working with entrepreneurs is one of the awesome parts of this business. I love seeing people who have a passion for what they do and are willing to take big risks to … Continued

Overengineering the Quote – Part 3: The Paperless Solution

At Paperless Parts, we’ve watched 100s of quotes get engineered using a variety of different methods. In Parts 1 and 2, we highlighted the common issues in the quoting process. In the final part of this series, we are going to talk about how the Paperless Platform streamlines this process while saving you from common … Continued

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