People over Pocketbook: Aneesa Muthana’s Approach to Shop & Association Leadership

Why Aneesa Muthana is a woman in American manufacturing worth knowing Aneesa learned machining as a young girl in her parents’ shop. She is an outspoken advocate for manufacturing. She believes in people. She truly loves the industry, and it is obvious with a quick googling of her name. The headline on her personal website … Continued

Think Like an Owner: Allison Giddens’ Tips for Buying a Shop

When Allison Giddens pet-sat for Dennis as a teenager, she couldn’t have known that one day, she’d not only work for him but actually buy his business, Win-Tech. Allison’s story is not only entertaining but chock-full of insights and advice for anyone, particularly women, looking to make the move into shop ownership. Hers is a … Continued

Why I Joined Paperless Parts: Max Tipton (VP of Sales)

It was a cold night. The crisp air meant only two things, the streets were quiet and danger was creeping in… Okay, maybe the story of how I ended up at Paperless Parts isn’t that interesting, but it is one I’m proud to share. My entire career before Paperless Parts was spent helping hyper-growth companies … Continued