Why The Cloud Gives Your Shop a Competitive Advantage

B2B software continues to move to the cloud, but the manufacturing industry is lagging adoption. Historically, people have worried that cloud software might compromise their security. In fact, today’s professional Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings are far more secure than on-premise solutions. Another objection to cloud software is the recurring expense model, rather than a one-time cost. … Continued

Why I Joined Paperless Parts

I have been working at Paperless Parts full-time for six months now. I focus most of my time on building our Customer Success team and process. It’s a fascinating, exciting, and relentlessly fulfilling job. The company has more than doubled in size since last summer, and it has been wonderful to see new faces join … Continued

Quote Faster and Increase Your Revenue with Paperless Parts

The world is rapidly changing for custom parts manufacturers. A small number of well-funded players are beginning to dominate the market for custom manufactured parts. The expectations of parts buyers are changing too. A recent survey shows that 53% of buyers expect a response to their RFQs in 24 hours or less. Where should manufacturers … Continued

The Future of Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

As the decade comes to a close, we think about what’s next in cybersecurity for manufacturers. Manufacturing is critical infrastructure in the United States. With a significant percentage of the entire US market supporting national defense, the manufacturing supply chain is a prime target for cyber attacks and increased regulation. For the last few years, … Continued

Leveraging Customer Reviews Through Google Business

As a marketing expert in the job shop space I don’t only offer paid services to my customers that help with long term growth goals. I also guide them with strategies along the way that they can run with themselves. These strategies require little effort and make a huge impact on their business and the … Continued

Paperless Parts Launches Smart Sheet Metal Fabrication Ordering, Quoting, and Collaboration Solution

Fast Detection of Manufacturing Issues, Rapid Quoting/Ordering Saves Time, Boosts Quality for Sheet Metal Fabricators   Chicago, Ill. – November 11, 2019 – Building on its intelligent solutions for streamlining additive manufacturing and CNC machining, Paperless Parts launches sheet metal support for Paperless Parts today at FABTECH 2019, North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding, … Continued

Credit Card Checkout in Manufacturing

“Creating more memorable online experiences not only generates sales, it creates emotion, company connection and loyalty. It’s no longer enough to offer great products or have the coolest office. It helps, yes, but in the end, it all comes back to emotions, to making people feel unique and special.” – Founder of Empathy Ecommerce.  Step … Continued

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