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Engineering Success: What Makes a Winning Engineer at Paperless Parts?

We’ve built Paperless Parts with a tight-knit, gritty engineering team of A players. As we expand our team, we’ve asked ourselves an important question: What are the characteristics of a successful engineer at Paperless Parts? Here’s how we answered. Successful engineers take ownership of the entire lifecycle of a user story There may be some … Continued

Why Quoting With Your ERP Is Costing You Business

You know the drill all too well. You receive an RFQ and your quoting process begins. You want to get the quote out fast because you know many buyers expect a 24-hour turnaround on quotes (a recent survey we conducted to 370 buyers shows that 68% of buyers expect a quote in less than 24 … Continued

Responding Too Slowly: The Third Deadly Sin of Quoting for Job Shops

Buyer expectations have shifted. They want their RFQs responded to within 24 hours. Buyers are measured by their ability to get things on contract, to get them delivered on time, and on budget – in that order. If you can’t respond to an RFQ quickly, then the buyer will go elsewhere. Remember that your quote … Continued

A Marketing Guide for Job Shops

Whether you have been in business for years, or are just starting out, promoting your business is critical to your success. Many job shops have limited marketing resources, limiting how much promotion they can do. Yet marketing is the cornerstone of attracting buyer attention, and therefore winning jobs – if your buyers don’t know you … Continued