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Medical Devices

Fueling Medical Device Innovation

The medical device market is evolving rapidly with demands for new cutting-edge technologies on the rise. Whether you are makings parts for ventilators, custom tooling brackets and chassis, or prototyping new life-saving technologies, with Paperless Parts, never miss a critical spec, turn quotes around faster, and get unparalleled visibility into the real-time prices and availability of materials or purchased components.

Streamline Estimating & Quoting with Paperless Parts

Create Customized Routing Templates

Create customized routing templates to ensure that all of the quality assurance specs such as first article inspections, custom sampling plans, production part approval process (PPAP) specs, material traceability, and production control plans are accurately costed, no matter who is generating the quote. 


Quickly Understand Part Complexity

With Paperless Parts’ geometric interrogation engine, quickly understand part complexity and identify any “gotcha” parts or features. Paperless Parts allows you to make smart decisions to quote or no-quote, or to pull in more senior estimators or engineering resources when customized DFM warnings signal you could have a tricky part on your hands.


Use Analytics to Drive Profitability

Analyze multiple layers of data to optimize the front office, prioritize quotes, and price work effectively. Understand when and why you are winning or losing jobs to make impactful business decisions.

Query your own data and pull information like win rates by customer, geometry, or material. See how your business is performing over time to continually improve operations. Identify your most profitable jobs and prioritize your quotes.


Strengthen OEM Relationships & Easily Collaborate with Outside Vendors

Medical device components often include complex designs and require specialized materials or finishes. Collaborate efficiently with customers in the context of the complicated parts and unique geometries you are quoting using secure, built-in chat tools. Save communication alongside relevant files for easy reference.

Communicate securely with vendors and get faster quotes on outside processes such as heat treating, anodizing, or plating. Store all related files in Paperless Parts’ secure, cloud-native platform.

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Maintain ISO Quality 

Support compliance with all relevant ISO standards (14971, 10993, and 13485), FDA 21 CFR Part 11, and more with Paperless Parts’ digital documentation storage, revision control, and real-time collaboration, ensuring that all relevant documents are easily accessible and up to date.

Maintain a centralized repository for documents such as engineering drawings and specifications, providing traceability of revisions and ensuring that the latest version is always accessible to reduce the risk of using outdated or incorrect information.