PEMConnect fastener pricing and availability in the Paperless Viewer

Introducing PEMConnect™

All the information you need for your quote form at your fingertips. Fast. Free.

PEM® and Paperless Parts are teaming up to provide PEMConnect – a secure, ITAR/CMMC-compliant support app that makes it easier to get the information you need to build a sheet metal quote quickly and easily. Since it’s sponsored by PEM, your account is free.

Proactive Sheet Metal Intelligence at Your Fingertips with PEMConnect™

PEMConnect™ is here to help you save time.

Your quoting process takes specific data points. PEMConnect helps you get them faster. Totally free.

When you decide an RFQ fits your shop, you know the information you need to quote it. How much sheet metal do I need? What features do I need to make? What other components and finishes do I need to account for and apply? Log in to PEMConnect and source that information for free. In seconds.


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Know how much sheet metal you need. Instantly.

Flatten 3D sheet metal CAD files. Measure everything: cuts, bends, countersinks, and components.


Get PEM pricing and availability

Live view of your pricing and availability at your distributor.

Chris Sweeney

“The PEMConnect™ app is one of the best add-on features Paperless Parts has released yet. So far, it has 100% eliminated the need to evaluate and cross-reference hardware included in customer models. Using the Penn database instead of our own collected data increases accuracy and allows for much faster quoting.” 

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Chris Sweeney
President, Sweeney Metal Fabricators

PEMConnect™ and Paperless Viewer provide decision support and risk mitigation by:

  • Automatically recognizing PEM hardware and displaying availability, pricing, and location information from all major PEM distributors
  • Unfolding sheet metal assemblies to identify and count bends, calculate flat material size, and highlight manufacturability warnings before they cost you
  • Facilitating internal and external communication and collaboration with your team and vendors – securely
  • Offering a direct line to PennEngineering®’s Technical Support Team for your PEM-specific questions

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