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The Power of Paperless Viewer

Paperless Viewer is the most powerful and secure communication and file-sharing tool for manufacturing operations. Your entire team can view and interact with all file formats, including PDF and 3D CAD files, quickly from any device to understand everything about the part or assembly you are quoting. Unfold sheet metal assemblies to count bends and pierces, measure cut lengths, calculate flat material size, and collect other information for your quote. Make sure you never miss a design issue with 33 configurable, automatic, manufacturability checks driven from the 3D CAD model.

The Paperless Viewer is brought to you free through collaboration with leading brands in the industry. No download required – simply sign up to create an account for your entire company.

PEMConnect inside the Paperless Viewer

The Value of PEMConnect™

PennEngineering® is a global leader in the fastening industry and has provided leading-edge solutions to sheet metal fabricators for over 75 years. To keep pace with the challenges presented by an ever-evolving marketplace, PennEngineering® is collaborating with Paperless Parts to provide the Paperless Viewer and PEMConnect™: a decision support tool designed to streamline and reduce risk from the RFQ stage to shipping complex assemblies out the door.

Fasteners are a critical component of your sheet metal assemblies, but gathering pricing and availability for significant quantities of hardware is cumbersome, time-consuming, and often skipped early in the quoting process. Lead times can bite you, now more than ever. With PEMConnect™, never let customer mistakes or your team’s guesstimates cost you again.

PEMConnect application inside the Paperless Viewer

Secure File Storage, Viewing & Sharing

Stop relying on paper technical drawings to communicate. View 3D CAD models and dozens of other file formats from any device. Now you can collaborate with your team, customers, and vendors in the context of your part files and securely share your files with internal and external stakeholders without worrying about security.

Still receiving PDFs from your customers? Throw away the highlighters and Post-it notes. With Paperless Viewer, you can annotate, measure, comment, and even redact sensitive customer information before sharing files externally.

With Paperless Viewer, you are in control. You own your files and we securely store them for you. You control who can see the file and can stop sharing that file at any time.

Secure File Storage, Viewing, and Sharing in Paperless Parts
Chris Sweeney

“The PEMConnect™ app is one of the best add-on features Paperless Parts has released yet. So far, it has 100% eliminated the need to evaluate and cross-reference hardware included in customer models. Using the Penn database instead of our own collected data increases accuracy and allows for much faster quoting.” 

Chris Sweeney
President, Sweeney Metal Fabricators

PEMConnect™ and Paperless Viewer provide decision support and risk mitigation by:

  • Automatically recognizing PEM hardware and displaying availability, pricing, and location information from all major PEM distributors
  • Unfolding sheet metal assemblies to identify and count bends, calculate flat material size, and highlight manufacturability warnings before they cost you
  • Facilitating internal and external communication and collaboration with your team and vendors – securely
  • Offering a direct line to PennEngineering®’s Technical Support Team for your PEM-specific questions

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