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The #1 Quoting and Sheet Metal Estimating Software for

Gasket & Seal Manufacturers

Empowering large-scale rubber manufacturers to streamline their quoting processes and drive operational efficiency.

A Chaotic and Fragmented Quoting Process
Is Hurting Your Business


Quoting from Spreadsheets

silos information, takes forever, and requires you to re-enter data into your ERP.

Poor Communication and Lack of Defined Processes

results in broken workflows, missed steps, and late quotes.
reduce rates

Lack of Centralized Data

means you rely on intuition and best-guesses instead of hard data to make business decisions.

Software Designed To Streamline Estimating and Quoting For Gaskets

AI-Powered Automated Quote Setup

For large gasket manufacturers, AI-powered automated quote setup cuts the manual steps involved in getting ready to quote, reducing setup time by up to 90%. Simply forward RFQ emails directly into Paperless Parts and a new quote is automatically created for you with all of your RFQ files attached, scanned for malware, and ready for review. Line item building tools allow you to easily organize your files via drag-and-drop—no more renaming, organizing, and building folders on your shared drive. With our AI-supported tools, critical data is identified and offered as suggestions, reducing time searching for details on prints and eliminating errors from transcribing or missing information.


Defined Workflows and Visibility to Scale

Quoting can involve multiple people, departments, and steps. When that process lacks definition and is managed across multiple tools (spreadsheets, sticky notes, emails, etc.), mistakes happen. With Paperless Parts, workflow steps are clearly defined, so no one is ever confused about where a quote is or who owns next steps. Unlike rigid ERP systems, custom workflows in Paperless Parts enable you to tailor the system to your shop’s unique processes.


Centralized Data and In-App Communication Tools Eliminate Information Silos

Stop walking around your shop, trying to decipher hand-written notes, or searching through your inbox to get the information you need. Paperless Parts is more powerful than Microsoft Teams. Now you can communicate securely with your team in the context of the parts you are working on directly in the platform. Highlight features or measurements directly on the print to clearly identify what you are referencing. Keep all of your data in one centralized and searchable location.




Standardize Costing and Provide More Competitive Quotes Without Sacrificing Responsiveness

Paperless Parts has the flexibility of Excel, but with the guardrails and structure to ensure consistency across your team of estimators, even if they’re new to quoting. Leverage customizable templates that define a preset list of steps such as lamination, slitting and adhesive, or any other process that’s required to ship your part.


Seamlessly Integrate with Your ERP

Say goodbye to double data entry: a process that is both time-consuming and error-prone. Paperless Parts’ API-based platform allows you to integrate seamlessly with other critical systems in your tech stack, including your ERP software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, accounting software, and more.


See Why Leading Gasket Manufacturers

Choose Paperless Parts

 John Schwanke

“We chose to partner with Paperless Parts because they really understand the ins and outs of the manufacturing business and the complexities that estimators and shop owners struggle with on a daily basis. Tools that aren’t specifically designed for shops like ours simply can’t do what they can. We invest in tools like Paperless Parts because we’re committed to delivering the best customer experience possible, and we want to work with companies that truly embrace that mission.”

John Schwanke

Gasket, Seal, and Rubber Product Manufacturers Improve Systems and Processes with Paperless Parts.

Built for Security

  • ITAR registered
  • 100% US-based system administrators and support
  • Cloud-native software hosted on GovCloud
  • All data and files securely backed up nightly
  • Site security plan with full disaster recovery
  • Designed for CMMC compliance
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Dedicated Support Team

When you partner with Paperless Parts, we take care of you; when you succeed, we succeed. Our dedicated support team responds to requests within 30 minutes. You can email, call, or ask for help right from the platform.

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