Running a Profitable Shop Is a Team Sport

Paperless Parts ensures everyone in the shop—from the CEO to the office manager—can play a key role in driving revenue, improving margins, and delighting customers.

Everyone at Your Shop Benefits from Access to Paperless Parts


Manage RFQ workflows, get better insight into margins, and ensure each job turns a profit. Make Paperless Parts part of your daily routine and know exactly where to prioritize your time and effort, whether that’s ensuring quotes are being followed up within a timely manner, tracking win rates, or coaching your team to success. Sleep well knowing your customers’ ITAR data is securely protected, and leverage analytics to understand and grow your business.


Estimating Managers

Assign and manage the workloads for you and your team and ensure the highest priority RFQs are getting triaged first by your most experienced estimators. Quickly triage large quote packages and review manufacturability warnings to decide to quote or no-quote projects. Set guardrails in your pricing rules to ensure you’re quoting consistently across the team. Review and track quote status from one central dashboard and ensure customers have viewed and responded to outstanding quotes.



When estimators become power users, shops quote more accurately, win more frequently, and avoid costly mistakes. Get started quoting in fewer clicks by leveraging pre-programmed pricing rules and process templates customized to your shop’s unique capabilities. Manipulate BOM structures quickly and intuitively, and visualize parts right in the quote without having to switch between multiple software applications.



No more guessing at what the estimator was thinking when he or she quoted a job or wasting hours recreating work. With Paperless Parts, all relevant information is centralized in one platform—all notes, communication threads, and related job files—resulting in faster delivery, fewer miscommunications, better efficiency, and improved profit margins. View technical models without adding expensive software licenses, and with collaboration tools like MSC TechMate® built right into the platform, consult with metalworking experts to get quick answers to tough questions.


Sales & Business Development

Feed the estimating team the information they need to win and drive better margins, like which buyers are price sensitive or those that are always willing to pay for expedites. Foster better relationships with your buyers with always-on, secure access to your existing RFQ pipeline. Leverage the quotes dashboard to know which quotes are actively being drafted by the estimating team or quickly understand which quotes have been sent but not yet viewed by your customers. Get proactively notified when customers do view quotes so you can follow up quickly and resolve any outstanding questions.


Order Entry Admins

Order entry personnel have a lot to keep track of. With Paperless Parts, easily validate that POs actually match the original quote with correct quantities, prices and lead times, and avoid double data entry with integration directly from Paperless Parts into your ERP. Use the PDF Comparison function to quickly and easily check that parts have not been revised between quote and purchase order. Keep all of your files organized by adding the purchase order as an item of record with the rest of your part files, notes, and annotations within the Paperless Parts quote.


Office Managers/Administrators

Office managers and support staff are valuable resources that are often underutilized in managing a shop’s RFQ activity. With Paperless Parts, office managers can be a first line of support, uploading files into a secure, centralized platform, time-stamping RFQ requests to better track and manage turnaround times, and ensuring quotes are triaged efficiently.