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Paperless Parts Power Lunches

Want to Quote Smarter & Faster?

In the time it takes to eat your sandwich (or enjoy your morning coffee, if you're West Coast), catch a quick demo by Paperless Parts' product experts on various key, *bite-sized* chunks of our platform. Join us monthly at 12:00 pm ET for a 20-minute live training session, or scroll down to watch recordings of previous episodes on demand.

On-Demand Episodes

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Episode 1: Attracting & Managing RFQs: Best Practices

If your customers can’t reach you easily, there’s no telling how many RFQs you’re missing out on. Let’s not even mention the tedious, risky nature of collecting, sorting, and managing RFQs via an email inbox. In this episode of our Power Lunch Demo Series, Connor LaChapelle walks you how our simple, secure, and modern RFQ form and how to set up your quote backlog page for optimal organization and efficiency.

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Episode 2: Cutting Out Dependencies to Speed Up Your Quoting Process

CAD/CAM software is expensive and slow. Plus, it can take a long time to get answers to pressing questions from suppliers. In this episode, Peter Tamasi shows you how to use our free Part Viewer to view and interact with 3D part files, how to use our free chat tool for MSC tooling assistance TechMate®, PEMConnect, and more.

Keeping Your Customers' Minds At Ease Power Lunch

Episode 3: Keeping Your Customers' Minds At Ease

If you're quoting without knowing about potential issues that might arise and sharing sensitive information without a secure system, you're exposing yourself AND your customers to undue risk. Sales Engineer Chris Storro shows in this episode how Paperless Parts eliminates blind spots and ensures security throughout your quoting process through seamless file redaction, manufacturability warnings, and our secure internal chat tool.

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Episode 4: Building Guardrails: How to Empower New Employees to Estimate

Losing an experienced estimator can cost you your business. In too many manufacturing businesses, this is a single point of failure. Watch this Power Lunch with Solutions Engineer Riley Eger to learn how Paperless Parts can add guardrails through workflows, instant chat tools, task delegation, change tracking and more. Plus, see how keeping all of your shop’s estimating knowledge into one central place makes things easily accessible when training new employees.

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Episode 5: Customizing Your Quote Process for Speed & Efficiency

Are manual processes slowing down your quoting process? In this episode, former manufacturing estimator turned Paperless Parts Product Trainer Jon Emery walks you through adding custom processes for quotes, automating routing steps using logic, using custom pricing rules, and the basics of P3L.

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Episode 6: How to Send Quotes Your Customers Can't Resist

It's no secret that failing to follow up on quotes hurts your win rate, but it's difficult to stay on top of things when you're busy (and today, shops are busier than ever). Duncan Legget walks through our email templates, dynamic lead time options, the digital quote, how to centrally manage all of your customers, and more in this episode.

CMMC Compliance Power Lunch Episode Preview

Episode 7: Simple Steps for Achieving & Maintaining ITAR & CMMC Compliance

The DoD is planning to release a Final Rule on the CMMC framework soon, and CMMC requirements have already begun to appear in DoD contracts. Manufacturers who dabble in defense work must soon make the decision to either commit to CMMC compliance or walk away from certain contracts. In this episode of our Power Lunch demo series, Paperless Parts Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Scott Sawyer, shows how Paperless Parts keeps ITAR work secure and sets you up for successfully achieving CMMC compliance.


Episode 8: Quoting Complex Parts, Made Easy

Quoting an order with many or complex parts can take hours – without the right tools. Imagine if quoting complex jobs didn't slow you many more jobs could you quote and win? More jobs = more revenue. Check out this Power Lunch episode led by Ben Barton to watch how Paperless Parts allows you to easily build the bill of material (BOM), seamlessly integrate with your ERP and save hundreds of clicks, allowing you to quote complex parts fast.


Episode 9: How Dynamic Pricing Helps You Maximize Profit Margins & Critical Resources

Dynamic pricing, whether you're providing the choice to wait and save or pay for speed, helps prevent your buyers from shopping around for a lower price tag or shorter lead time. In this Power Lunch episode with Sales Team Lead Estephen Saliba, see how Paperless Parts allows you to seamlessly offer flexible prices so that your buyers have options (and your shop maximizes margins).


Episode 10: How to Drive Accuracy & Efficiency When Quoting from Prints

Quoting from prints is time-consuming and error-prone; notes are hand-written on print-outs and end up filed away instead of in the hands of programmers if the job is won. Redacting and sharing information with outside vendors is clunky (and threatens data security). In this episode with Customer Education & Enablement Manager Meg van Deventer, see how Paperless Parts allows you to review prints and quote directly from our platform, digitally mark up files and securely collaborate within the context of those files, protect sensitive information, easily compare file revisions, and more.


Episode 11: How to Nest Parts Right From Your Quote in Paperless Parts

Sheet metal fabrication is complex work—your quoting process shouldn’t be. Tune in to this Power Lunch episode with Product Manager Hank Portney to see how Paperless Parts allows you to quote sheet metal parts 10x more efficiently. Hank demonstrates how to quickly generate nests of one or many sheet metal parts, and how to generate nests of one or many tube, angle, and u-channel metal parts across your quote to maximize material efficiency and minimize material cost.

Paperless Parts Advanced Quoting Analytics for Job Shops

Episode 12: Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze? How to Use Your Shop's Data to Drive Profit Margins

Watch this Power Lunch with Senior Customer Success Manager Jeff Gorman and see how Paperless Parts' Advanced Analytics can help you leverage your shop's data to drive better business decisions and increase revenue. See dashboards that gamify your workload and streamline tasks to get quotes out the door faster, reports that look at specific factors in your quoting process to help you make better decisions over time, and how to connect to other data sources so you know you're making decisions with as much information as possible.

Better BOM

Episode 13: Build BOMs Your Way with Paperless Parts' "Better BOM Builder"

Building out your bill of materials (BOM), the comprehensive list of parts, assemblies, subassemblies, documents, drawings, CAD models, and other materials required to create a product, just got a whole lot easier. If you quote assemblies in Paperless Parts, watch this episode to see how to use our "Better BOM Builder" to edit the CAD-extracted quantity of components, move them up or down in the tree structure without having to leave Paperless Parts (or even your quote), and send more accurate quotes, with fewer mistakes, in less time.


Episode 14: From Chaos to Order: Quoting Assemblies in Paperless Parts

Quoting assemblies can be a giant headache. In this week’s Power Lunch hosted by Will Scatchard, see how Paperless Parts allows you to respond to complex quote packages and quote assemblies directly within our platform to avoid headaches, wasted time, and costly mistakes. See how to view and parse out the different components in your BOM (regardless of if it’s two items or 200), automatically update BOM items, and easily see the estimated cost of the project so you can determine the final price you want to present on your quote.


Episode 15: Navigate Like a Pro: Browser and Keyboard Hacks for Quicker Quoting

Led by Implementation Project Manager Alex Renner, learn new, easy ways to minimize clicks in Paperless Parts and simplify your quoting workflow. Get Alex's expert tips for reducing repeat and manual steps through browser and keyboard hacks (for Windows & Mac operating systems) that can help you navigate more seamlessly through quote items.


Episode 16: Using Paperless Parts’ Sandbox for Risk-Free Customization

Ever had a great idea for how to enhance your quoting process, but you’re unsure whether it will function as you envision? In this episode, Technical Implementation Manager Jack Eccles walks through how to use Paperless Parts' Sandbox environment: a secure testing environment that allows you to make changes to Paperless Parts without affecting the live platform. See how to turn your ideas into reality—risk-free—to uncover new ways of maximizing efficiency and profitability with your workflows, custom pricing formulas, and more.


Episode 17: Quoting Sheet Metal Assemblies, Reimagined: Introducing PEM® Insertion Warnings and Live Pricing & Availability

Fasteners may make up a small portion of the material cost of your BOM, but fastener-related missteps—like drilling the wrong-sized hole, inserting the wrong fastener, or having a hole placed too close to an edge—can have a massive impact on profit. At best, these errors cause chaos within your shop and require hours of work to fix. At worst, they can cause your shop to scrap 100% of the parts you make. Watch this Power Lunch with Pete Tamasi to see how Paperless Parts can automatically alert you of PEM® fastener-specific design for manufacturability (DFM) warnings for sheet metal parts, and provide live PEM® pricing so you never have to leave the platform to get accurate fastener pricing.


Episode 18: Building Smarter Logic for Sheet Metal Custom Processes

When you’re building out a quote, there are innumerable decisions to be made. And when the first quote the customer receives is often the one awarded the work, every pause, keystroke, and click counts. But it's a lot of pressure on the estimator to move quickly and catch all the little details—manually. In this Power Lunch training session, you'll learn how Paperless Parts uses the geometry of the parts you're making to automate if/then decisions like which laser to use based on material or thickness, whether to default to a punch press when certain internal cuts are identified, when to apply customer-specific margins/markups, and more.

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Episode 19: Unpacking the Latest Assembly Table Updates

We constantly hear from our customers that quoting assemblies is a headache. That’s why we recently launched several updates to the Assembly Component Table that make setting up and navigating bills of materials (BOMs) easier than ever. Watch this Power Lunch to see all the improvements that were made to level up your experience quoting assemblies, including new actions you can take in the assembly table, how to use breadcrumbs to navigate more easily, and a "before and after" comparison of the new, faster experience.

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Episode 20: 2024 Product Roadmap

In episode 20 of our Power Lunch series, Senior Director of Product Beau Blinder and Chief Technology Officer Jason Luce dove into our 2024 Product Roadmap. While we did not record this session for confidentiality reasons, please feel free to get in touch with our team with questions about what was presented in the live session.

Hank Portney Power Lunch

Episode 21: From Idea to Impact: See How Your Feedback Shapes Our Product

We aim to be a true partner throughout your entire journey as a customer. Your feedback is not just valued; it is crucial in shaping our product. Have you ever wondered who you should approach with a new idea for Paperless Parts? Ever thought, "I wonder why they made that change?" Or have you ever simply been curious about what happens behind the scenes to bring an idea to life on our platform? Peek behind the curtain in this Power Lunch where you'll discover where and how to share your product ideas, get a demo of a recently launched feature born from real customer feedback, and see our process for transforming your ideas into impactful improvements.


Episode 22: Master the New Quote Setup Workflow

Our brand new quote setup workflow went live on Tuesday, February 20th. In this Power Lunch, product expert Pete Tamasi provides a 20-minute training session with step-by-step instructions to help you follow along with the new workflow.


Episode 23: Quote Setup Refresher

Get a refresher on our new quote setup workflow, including underrated tips, tricks, and best practices to maximize efficiency.


Episode 24: Mid-2024 Product Roadmap Update

In episode 24 of our Power Lunch series, Chief Technology Officer Jason Luce dove into our Product Roadmap at our mid-way point through 2024. While we did not record this session for confidentiality reasons, please feel free to get in touch with our team with questions about what was presented in the live session.