Paperless Parts Power Lunch Series

Paperless Parts Power Lunches

Want to Quote Smarter & Faster?

In the time it takes to eat your sandwich (or enjoy your morning coffee, if you're West Coast), catch a quick demo by Paperless Parts' product experts on various key, *bite-sized* chunks of our platform. Join us bi-weekly at 12:00 pm ET for a 20-minute live demo, or tune in on demand. Scroll down to view upcoming sessions and to watch recordings of all previous episodes.

Episode 10: How to Drive Accuracy & Efficiency When Quoting from Prints

Thursday, February 9th | 12:00 PM ET

If your customers only send PDFs, you might not be able to get a lot of information out of their quotes. This can lead to misunderstandings and mistakes that could lead your shop to getting burned. In this episode hosted by Customer Education & Enablement Manager, Meg van Deventer, see how Paperless Parts’ PDF viewer tool is designed specifically for job shop estimators to reduce clicks, protect sensitive information, and quote faster while managing risk. No more “staring and comparing.” No more printing out part files for review and markup. No more needing to use a costly PDF viewer to review parts while switching back and forth between programs. The PDF viewer within Paperless Parts has all the functionality needed to estimate and quote from prints, without having to leave the platform.


Episode 11: How to Nest Parts Right From Your Quote in Paperless Parts

Thursday, February 23rd | 12:00 PM ET

Sheet metal fabrication is complex work—your quoting process shouldn’t be. Tune in to this Power Lunch episode with Product Designer Hank Portney to see how Paperless Parts allows you to quote sheet metal parts 10x more efficiently through our multi-component nesting tool. Hank will demonstrate how to unfold sheet metal parts from models and nest models, DXF, and DWG files to quickly calculate optimal material utilization without ever leaving the platform. He’ll also dive into our linear nesting capabilities, and other key features that speed up the quoting process for sheet metal fabricators in Paperless Parts.

Multi-component sheet metal nesting results

On-Demand Episodes

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Episode 1: Attracting & Managing RFQs: Best Practices

If your customers can’t reach you easily, there’s no telling how many RFQs you’re missing out on. Let’s not even mention the tedious, risky nature of collecting, sorting, and managing RFQs via an email inbox. In this episode of our Power Lunch Demo Series, Connor LaChapelle walks you how our simple, secure, and modern RFQ form and how to set up your quote backlog page for optimal organization and efficiency.

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Episode 2: Cutting Out Dependencies to Speed Up Your Quoting Process

CAD/CAM software is expensive and slow. Plus, it can take a long time to get answers to pressing questions from suppliers. In this episode, Peter Tamasi shows you how to use our free Part Viewer to view and interact with 3D part files, how to use our free chat tool for MSC tooling assistance TechMate™, PEMConnect, and more.

Keeping Your Customers' Minds At Ease Power Lunch
Episode 3: Keeping Your Customers' Minds At Ease

If you're quoting without knowing about potential issues that might arise and sharing sensitive information without a secure system, you're exposing yourself AND your customers to undue risk. Sales Engineer Chris Storro shows in this episode how Paperless Parts eliminates blind spots and ensures security throughout your quoting process through seamless file redaction, manufacturability warnings, and our secure internal chat tool.

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Episode 4: Building Guardrails: How to Empower New Employees to Estimate

Losing an experienced estimator can cost you your business. In too many manufacturing businesses, this is a single point of failure. Watch this Power Lunch with Solutions Engineer Riley Eger to learn how Paperless Parts can add guardrails through workflows, instant chat tools, task delegation, change tracking and more. Plus, see how keeping all of your shop’s estimating knowledge into one central place makes things easily accessible when training new employees.

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Episode 5: Customizing Your Quote Process for Speed & Efficiency

Are manual processes slowing down your quoting process? In this episode, former manufacturing estimator turned Paperless Parts Product Trainer Jon Emery walks you through adding custom processes for quotes, automating routing steps using logic, using custom pricing rules, and the basics of P3L.

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Episode 6: How to Send Quotes Your Customers Can't Resist

It's no secret that failing to follow up on quotes hurts your win rate, but it's difficult to stay on top of things when you're busy (and today, shops are busier than ever). Duncan Legget walks through our email templates, dynamic lead time options, the digital quote, how to centrally manage all of your customers, and more in this episode.

CMMC Compliance Power Lunch Episode Preview
Episode 7: Simple Steps for Achieving & Maintaining ITAR & CMMC Compliance

The DoD is planning to release a Final Rule on the CMMC framework by May 2023, and CMMC requirements will start to appear in DoD contracts by July. Manufacturers who dabble in defense work must soon make the decision to either commit to CMMC compliance or walk away from certain contracts. In this episode, Paperless Parts Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Scott Sawyer, shows how Paperless Parts keeps ITAR work secure and sets you up for successfully achieving CMMC compliance.

Episode 8: Quoting Complex Parts, Made Easy

Quoting an order with many or complex parts can take hours – without the right tools. Imagine if quoting complex jobs didn't slow you many more jobs could you quote and win? More jobs = more revenue. Check out this Power Lunch episode led by Ben Barton to watch how Paperless Parts allows you to easily build the bill of material (BOM), seamlessly integrate with your ERP and save hundreds of clicks, allowing you to quote complex parts fast.

Episode 9: How Dynamic Pricing Helps You Maximize Profit Margins & Critical Resources

Dynamic pricing, whether you're providing the choice to wait and save or pay for speed, helps prevent your buyers from shopping around for a lower price tag or shorter lead time. In this Power Lunch episode with Sales Team Lead Estephen Saliba, see how Paperless Parts allows you to seamlessly offer flexible prices so that your buyers have options (and your shop maximizes margins).