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Paperless Parts Power Lunches

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Join us for lunch (or breakfast if you're West Coast) bi-weekly at 12:00 PM ET as Paperless Parts' product experts demo various areas of our platform. Scroll to view upcoming live episodes and explore our library of on-demand recordings.

Building Guardrails: How to Empower New Employees to Estimate

October 13, 2022 | 12:00 PM EST

The growing skills gap is nothing new in manufacturing. Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute estimate that the manufacturing skills gap in the U.S. could result in 2.1 million unfilled jobs by 2030. And while unfilled jobs on the shop floor impact throughput and productivity, losing an experienced estimator can cost you your business. In too many manufacturing businesses, this is a single point of failure. Attend this Power Lunch with Solutions Engineer Riley Eger to learn how Paperless Parts can add guardrails through workflows, instant chat tools, task delegation, change tracking and more. Plus, see how keeping all of your shop’s estimating knowledge into one central place makes things easily accessible when training new employees.

Training a Junior Estimator with Paperless Parts

On-Demand Episodes

Keeping Your Customers' Minds At Ease Power Lunch
Keeping Your Customers' Minds At Ease

If you're quoting without knowing about potential issues that might arise and sharing sensitive information without a secure system, you're exposing yourself AND your customers to undue risk. Sales Engineer Chris Storro shows in this episode how Paperless Parts eliminates blind spots and ensures security throughout your quoting process through seamless file redaction, manufacturability warnings, and our secure internal chat tool.

Pete Tamasi Power Lunch Thumbnail
Cutting Out Dependencies to Speed Up Your Quoting Process

CAD/CAM software is expensive and slow. Plus, it can take a long time to get answers to pressing questions from suppliers. In this episode, Peter Tamasi shows you how to use our free Part Viewer to view and interact with 3D part files, how to use our free chat tool for MSC tooling assistance TechMate™, PEMConnect, and more.

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Attracting & Managing RFQs: Best Practices

If your customers can’t reach you easily, there’s no telling how many RFQs you’re missing out on. Let’s not even mention the tedious, risky nature of collecting, sorting, and managing RFQs via an email inbox. In this episode of our Power Lunch Demo Series, Connor LaChapelle walks you how our simple, secure, and modern RFQ form and how to set up your quote backlog page for optimal organization and efficiency.