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Heavy Machinery

Powering the Heavy Machinery Industry

Making parts for Caterpillar, John Deere, or AGCO Corporation? OEMs of heavy machinery typically operate with tight timelines to deliver equipment and their ability to control that starts with you.  Whether you’re making gears, shafts, housings, brackets, frames, chassis, or supports, the heavy machinery supply chain requires your shop to deliver parts on time with superior quality. By powering your quoting process with Paperless Parts, you can turn quotes around faster, easily offer dynamic lead times to maximize your profitability, and leverage analytics to understand who are your most profitable customers. Plus, with custom quote exports, eliminate the cumbersome process of formatting quotes to fit your OEM-specific requirements.

Streamline Estimating & Quoting with Paperless Parts

Customizable Costing Engine

Heavy equipment parts can be large and cumbersome, making their handling and machining more challenging. Paperless Parts’ customizable costing engine allows you to automatically identify part attributes that would drive manufacturing time, such as set up time, whether or not forklifts and extra manpower are required to move parts throughout the shop floor, and other key factors that drive overall costs.


Quickly Understand Part Complexity

With Paperless Parts’ geometric interrogation engine, quickly understand part complexity and identify any “gotcha” parts or features. Paperless Parts allows you to make smart decisions to quote or no quote, or to pull in more senior estimators or engineering resources when customized DFM warnings signal you could have a tricky part on your hands.


Meet Supplier Demand with Dynamic Lead Times

The demand for heavy equipment parts can fluctuate, and meeting production volume requirements within tight lead times can be a challenge. Oftentimes fast turn around is valued more than pure unit cost. Paperless Parts makes it easy to offer OEMs different lead times with adjusted prices, enabling you to capture increased margins for offering your customers flexibility.


Eliminate Formatting Headaches with Custom Quote Exports

Many OEMs require that quotes are submitted through their specific portals, each with their own set of reporting requirements. Paperless Parts enables you to quote in one, consistent format, and export those quotes in the format specific to each OEM, reducing administrative work and freeing your team up to tackle the next quote.


Use Analytics to Drive Profitability

Analyze multiple layers of data to optimize the front office, prioritize quotes, and price work effectively. Understand when and why you are winning or losing jobs to make impactful business decisions.

Query your own data and pull information like win rates by customer, geometry, or material. See how your business is performing over time to continually improve operations. Use analytics to identify your most profitable jobs and prioritize your quotes.


Strengthen OEM Relationships & Easily Collaborate with Outside Vendors

Heavy machinery typically operates in tough climates requiring specialized material or specific finishes to ensure durability. Communicate securely with vendors and get faster quotes on outside processes such as heat treating, anodizing, or plating. Store all related files in Paperless Parts’ secure, cloud-native platform.


Customer Stories

How we’ve helped organizations in the heavy machinery industry improve efficiency, increase sales, and simplify operations.