Focused on Machining Gains 42% More RFQs with Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions
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Focused on Machining Gains 42% More RFQs with Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions


Louviers, CO

Company Plan

Marketing Solutions


CNC Machining

The Challenge

Focused on Machining had shop capacity for 2x more business, but they lacked the search engine results necessary to bring in new customers.

The Solution

Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions partners with Focused on Machining to develop industry-leading content, propel measurable growth, and drive sustainable success.

The Results

  • Due to a boost in search engine rankings, Focused on Machining obtains 90% of their website RFQs via organic traffic

  • Focused on Machining leverages a growth-oriented keyword strategy to lead industry trends, resulting in a 53% increase in organic traffic

  • High-value marketing initiatives help Focused on Machining increase RFQs by 42.7%


Focused on Machining is recognized throughout Denver, Colorado, for their industry-leading precision machining services. Delivering exceptional results for military and aerospace applications, the company seamlessly handles even the most challenging projects. 

From their ITAR-registered, ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016-certified shop, Focused on Machining sets the bar for excellence in machining, finishing, and quality control, delivering impeccable parts quickly and with turnkey simplicity.


“Marketing, for me, started from day one,” says Focused on Machining President Justin Quinn, whose first move was to hire a web development firm for design and marketing.

“They did a great job with the website,” Justin acknowledges, “but they had no frame of reference for our industry.” Within months, Justin signed on with an even larger firm, but they also missed the mark.

“I just wanted everybody to be able to find us online,” Justin says. “I’m a younger guy in the industry, and if I need to learn anything, I don’t ask; I don’t call; I just go straight to Google. And that’s the presence I wanted to have for our company.”

Tired of paying for lackluster results, Justin considered taking ownership of his shop’s marketing himself—but the work proved more demanding than his busy schedule could accommodate. “As a shop owner, it’s hard to devote time to writing a blog,” the MBA and former Air Force flight mechanic says. “And so it just never happened.”

Justin looked at Focused on Machining and saw a math problem. The shop was replete with the best equipment and talent, but their growth was static. “I felt like we should be twice the size we were,” explains Justin, “and I knew I needed help.”

That’s when Justin met Matt Sordillo, Co-Founder & Former Head of Marketing Solutions at Paperless Parts, and everything changed.


Justin describes meeting Matt as “the tipping point.” While exploring Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions, he and Matt started talking shop: machining and part tolerances and features. Justin had finally met a marketer who understood the language of precision machining.

Equally impressive was Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions’ commitment to customers—Justin’s customers. Matt’s team didn’t settle for mediocre content strategies and development. In meeting after meeting, Justin heard the question, “What does your customer want to know about?”

Through conversational interviews with Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions, Justin was amazed to realize exactly how much his own company had to offer. “From staying at the forefront of new ideas in the industry to finding untapped spaces to lean into. . . you guys do an unbelievable job of unearthing these blog topics,” Justin shares.

One article in particular helped spotlight Focused on Machining as an industry leader. After publishing a blog post about a newer material, Justin saw the biggest spike yet in website traffic as fellow experts shared and re-shared the blog post, sparking an ongoing conversation.

“I really feel like we brought that material to market,” Justin says with a smile, adding, “it’s been a hugely popular topic for us,” one that contributes to the shop’s 42.7% increase in RFQs, 42.7% increase in website page views, and 53.1% increase in organic traffic visitors.

Now in year two with Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions, Justin calls the collaboration “the most bang for our buck”—and he encourages other shop owners to establish a Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions partnership of their own.

When asked if he worries about competing content, he shakes his head. “You may talk about cutting Inconel just like I did, but you have a different perspective and ideas,” Justin says. “Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions doesn’t force content down your throat. It comes from you and what’s going on in your shop.”

Focused on Machining continues to see results that stretch far beyond sales pitches or marketing ploys. “I knew it was working when Focused on Machining reached page number seven on Google,” Justin reveals. “Two months later, we were on the second page. Then the next month, we hit the first page.”

With first-page results for numerous search queries, 90% of Focused on Machining’s RFQs from new customers now come directly from unpaid Google searches, with the remaining 10% due to customer referrals.

“I finally found something that works,” Justin raves, “and it’s doing what I want it to do.”


With Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions, Focused on Machining:

  • Ranks on the first page of Google. Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions achieves front-page search engine results for Focused on Machining, using trending topics to drive 90% of the shop’s new website RFQs via organic traffic.
  • Leads industry trends. Leveraging the expertise of the Focused on Machining team, Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions implements keywords that highlight the latest industry innovations and inspire community discussions.
  • Sustains success through high-value marketing initiatives. In collaboration with Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions, Focused on Machining drives profits by engaging customers on LinkedIn, maintaining impactful email marketing, and earning new RFQs via Google search results, thus enabling sustained success regardless of natural economic fluctuations.

Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions provides the industry knowledge and marketing expertise Focused on Machining needs to establish themselves as industry leaders and drive sustained growth in a highly competitive digital landscape.

Justin Quinn

“Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions is doing such a great job that we have more opportunities than we can take advantage of. Out of countless vendors and partnerships, my relationship with Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions is the most natural and effective. It’s a no-brainer.”