Jax Precision Grows Revenue by 300%, Triples Customer Base With Paperless Parts
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Jax Precision Grows Revenue by 300%, Triples Customer Base With Paperless Parts


Lakeside, FL

Company Plan



CNC Machining

The Challenge

Jax Precision’s quoting was done exclusively on pen and paper, rendering the process inefficient and making it harder for the team to deliver fast and competitive quotes to its customers.

The Solution

Paperless Parts greatly reduces the amount of time Jax Precision spends on quoting, enabling the small shop to quote more jobs, decrease turnaround time, and accommodate more customers.

The Results

  • Jax Precision grows its revenue by 300% with Paperless Parts

  • Jax Precision triples its number of customers with Paperless Parts

  • Jax Precision quotes 6x faster with Paperless Parts

  • Jax Precision more than doubles its monthly quote throughput with Paperless Parts

  • Jax Precision saves 8+ hours every week with Paperless Parts


Jacksonville Precision Manufacturing (Jax Precision) is a Florida-based machine shop specializing in low and medium-volume production runs, prototyping, and quick-turn manufacturing solutions. Founded in 2018 by owner Juan March, Jax Precision prides itself on being able to accommodate any material, complexity, and quantity that its customers’ jobs require. The shop’s primary industries served include aerospace, defense, HVAC, and industrial automation.

Jax Precision
Jax Precision


Since the company started, Juan and his small team handled all of the shop’s quoting just using pen and paper, making the quoting process tedious and labor-intensive. Above all else, the dated way of quoting caused Jax Precision to have slower quote turnaround times than many of its competitors. “Under the old process, my customers were sometimes used to waiting 3 or 4 days to get their quotes back,” Juan said. Even though Jax Precision tried to turn many of its quotes around in 24 hours, doing so took Juan away from running machines and doing other important work around the shop.

Jax Precision CNC Machining
Jax Precision CNC Machining

The quoting process also made it difficult for Juan to grow Jax Precision. The time-consuming nature of the shop’s quoting meant there was a small and definitive limit to the number of customers Juan and his team could accommodate at a given time.

After over two years of struggling with the quoting process, Juan was determined to find a way to reduce the estimating burden and save Jax Precision time. He knew that doing so would be invaluable to future-proofing his young business as it began handling more customers. In his search for a solution, he found that many of the ERP systems he came across were clunky and did not offer the specific capabilities, nor the strong customer interface, that Jax Precision needed for its quoting process.


When Juan first heard about Paperless Parts on a manufacturing podcast, he immediately recognized how its software would target the specific needs of Jax Precision. “It just felt like a perfect fit for us right off the bat,” Juan said. “There was really no reason to look into any other solutions after I heard about Paperless Parts.”

The Paperless Parts team ensured that Juan could get started right away with sending out quotes more efficiently and accurately than he had ever been able to before. The implementation and onboarding experience not only got Juan up to speed quickly, but also established the long-term support he was looking for in a software solution. “The onboarding process was extremely quick and informative for us,” Juan said. “Our Customer Success Manager was very helpful going through everything regarding how to use the platform, how to set up pricing configurations, and how to ensure the platform was working as well as it could for us.”

My favorite thing about Paperless Parts is how customer-facing it is. It makes my customers’ lives so much easier which reflects better on the shop and wins me more work.

Within just one week of getting started with Paperless Parts, Juan and his team had mastered how to use the software, but the strong customer support also meant that they were able to get a hold of Paperless Parts whenever they needed. “Reaching out to the team continues to be easy,” Juan said. “They are incredibly responsive and everyone we talk to has the answers we need.”

With Paperless Parts, Jax Precision is now quoting 6 times faster than it was before; a quote that might have stretched over the course of 2 days to complete is now down to just an hour. This time saved on quoting translates to the shop saving over 8 hours on average every week, as well as being able to quote 2.5x more jobs every month. “The time we’re saving on quoting shows how much the future-proofing strategy behind using Paperless Parts worked,” Juan said. “Quoting would be a huge bottleneck for us now if we hadn’t implemented Paperless Parts.”

Jax Precision Shop Floor - Working a Machine
Jax Precision Shop Floor – Working a Machine

Jax Precision has also succeeded in growing its revenue and customer base alike. Since implementing Paperless Parts, Jax Precision’s revenue has grown by more than 300% while its customer base has over tripled in size. Juan credits this to how much easier Paperless Parts makes it for his customers to send their RFQs and receive their quotes back quickly: “My favorite thing about Paperless Parts is how customer-facing it is,” Juan said. “It makes my customers’ lives so much easier which reflects better on the shop and wins me more work.”



With Paperless Parts, Jax Precision:

Jax Precision Parts
Jax Precision Parts
  • Increased revenue by over 300%: Between before and after using Paperless Parts, Jax Precision’s revenue grew exponentially because of the shop’s larger customer base, improved customer experience, and increased quote throughput.
  • Tripled its customer base: Jax Precision was able to accommodate more customers through using Paperless Parts’ customized quoting. “Younger engineers today are used to instant-quoting experiences from huge corporations,” Juan said. “Paperless Parts allows us to quote quickly and accurately so we can stay competitive with the large players in our industry.”
  • Quotes 6x faster: Quotes that used to take Juan over 30 minutes to complete can now be done in less than 5 minutes.
  • Doubled its monthly quote throughput: Since automating its quoting process, Jax Precision has over doubled the number of quotes it sends out the door every month.
  • Saves over 8 hours every week: Juan and his team save close to a full workday every week due to the time they now save on quoting.


“At first, using Paperless Parts was about future-proofing my company. It’s now a necessity for saving time and improving our customer service.” – Juan March, Owner


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