Ameritex Boosts Organic Traffic 35% YOY with Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions
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Ameritex Boosts Organic Traffic 35% YOY with Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions


Conroe, TX

Company Plan

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The Challenge

Ameritex wanted to leverage content marketing to grow their business, but the shop struggled to find a content marketing partner who understood the manufacturing industry.

The Solution

Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions supports Ameritex’s growth with custom content that’s data-driven and industry-intelligent.

The Results

  • The theme-focused blogs from Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions help increase Ameritex’s organic traffic by 35%

  • Ameritex’s new email marketing strategy provides an enhanced customer experience while growing the shop’s website page views by 21%

  • Website RFQs are up 27% thanks to authentic and on-brand blog, social media, and email content


Since launching Ameritex in 2004, the Conroe, Texas, shop attributes their success to their customer-first approach. A leader in advanced metal fabrication, Ameritex strives for creative product solutions using the world’s most advanced technology.

With a promise to “move mountains” to meet customer needs, Ameritex manages nearly 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space on their 36-acre campus, with more than enough space for future expansions.


Ameritex had tried hiring an in-house content marketer to manage their social media, blogging, and other outreach initiatives, but the owners found themselves doing most of the work because no one else understood their industry. They’d more or less given up on digital marketing when they encountered Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions.

While Ameritex was generating plentiful referrals from happy customers, they wanted to explore possibilities that could connect them with an even larger audience. An alarming Google search was the push Ameritex needed to finally give Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions a try. “I was searching Google with terms like sheet metal fabrication Willis TX,” explains COO Zack Fennell, “but Ameritex wasn’t showing up—and we’re the second-biggest employer in our town!”

However, once Ameritex joined forces with Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions, the shop focused on their goals with renewed hope.

Ameritex Wins With Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions

Example social media post highlighting a recent Ameritex blog.

“Our goals were twofold,” Zack says. “Number one was to get fresh content on our website that leveraged search engine optimization to get our name in front of more customers. And number two was to gain new customers from industries we’d never done business with before.”


In Q1 of 2021, Ameritex was up and running with Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions, and the ensuing 12 months delivered tremendous results.

From monthly interviews with the Ameritex team, Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions developed blog, social media, and newsletter content that felt and looked like Ameritex had made it themselves.

Ameritex and Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions

Example blog recently published for Ameritex’s marketing program.

However, as Zack admits, “Without Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions, we wouldn’t have been able to do all of this. Now we can maintain a steady stream of content and stay connected to our customers without having to do it all ourselves.”

What was the proverbial cherry on top of the content cake? For the first time, Zack had found content creators who understood the manufacturing industry and could speak directly to Ameritex’s customer base. “The questions I get from Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions help me refine my ideas so we can communicate clearly with our customers,” says Zack. “That’s probably the most beneficial part for any metal fabricator—having someone who understands the language.”


After 12 months with Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions, Ameritex:

  • Increases organic website traffic by 35%. “More and more customers are coming to us from web searches,” reveals Zack, “and that’s a direct result of the blogs we’ve been publishing. The blogs discuss topics our ideal customers are actually looking for.”
  • Grows website pageviews by 21%. Ameritex’s pageviews have increased partly because of the email marketing strategy Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions implemented. From short updates to monthly newsletters, these emails introduce new and legacy customers to services, products, and applications they may not already know about. “The best emails I get are the replies to our email marketing asking for a quote,” says Zack, “or the emails telling me they’ll soon be sending a new project our way.” Admittedly, Zack was nervous about consistently emailing the shop’s list, but his concerns turned out to be unnecessary. “Now our customers feel like they can respond and talk to me if they’re experiencing any challenges or problems.”
  • Receives 27% more website-generated RFQs. Ameritex has seen an impressive jump in the number of quote requests through their website’s RFQ form from Paperless Parts. “The content made by Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions feels like it comes directly from our company,” shares Zack. “In the past, others tried to make content for us without really knowing what we do. Now, though, I talk to the Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions team, and they develop those conversations into high-impact articles and posts that are driving business.”
  • BONUS: Hearing from more qualified job candidates. “We unexpectedly found that many potential job candidates are viewing our content,” Zack says. “They can see that we’re active and that there’s a lot going on in our company. And as far as hiring goes, it makes us look like the real deal. Without Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions, there would be no way for anyone to know all the cool stuff we’re doing!”

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“Our goal is to make sourcing fabricated metal components the easiest part of your day,” says Ameritex’s website—and with Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions handling the shop’s content marketing, Ameritex can devote their energy to what they do best: building custom fabrications and directly caring for their customers.

Today, Ameritex’s top source of website traffic and RFQs is organic search, the unpaid search results a web user sees after entering a query. “We’re now ranking for five new keywords that the Ameritex site previously didn’t rank for at all,” raves Zack.
But would he tell his colleagues in other shops about Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions? “Not if they are right next door to me,” Zack laughs. “I wouldn’t tell them a thing!”

Then he continues, “But really: if your shop needs help structuring their marketing game, Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions is THE top choice.”

Zack Fennell

“My experience with other marketing companies had led me to think it was easier to just do all the marketing myself. But Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions proved me wrong! If you’re a busy manufacturer trying to get a few things off your plate, Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions is the right choice.”