Chass Engineers
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(978) 667-7300
17 Sterling Road, Unit D
North Billerica, MA 01862
CNC Machining

Chass Engineers is a CNC machining and electro-mechanical assembly shop with the experience and expertise to machine parts from prototype to production. In addition, Chass offers a complete assembly process. Their professional and trained staff always uses the latest supporting hardware and software with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate assembly, production and quality in every stage of the process. Chass thrives when they are on a deadline and rely on their high quality workmanship to deliver exceptional cnc machined parts to their customers on time and done right the first time. They understand your time is valuable, whether you need to release your product to meet a specific deadline, or need to use the product at a specific time. Ultimately, Chass Engineers strives for customer satisfaction so they can continue to be your dedicated machine and electromechanical assembly job shop.

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“Chass Engineers has been a wonderful company to work with. Their ability to answer any questions we had and deliver the products on time was very important to us. We highly recommend Chass Engineers.”

“Not only is it important to have a company that is passionate about what they do, but a company that understands their customers need and is focused on always giving it their all to provide the best.”

“Ashvin, Dimple and PP have all been a great group to work with. They are very professional team and would recommend them!”

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