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Big Blue Saw makes it easy to turn your flat CAD designs into real parts. Customers range from engineers, students, roboticists, and automobile enthusiasts, to lighting designers, crafters, artists, and sign makers. Big Blue Saw guarantees that the parts you receive will be the highest quality waterjet parts available. If the parts you receive do not match your uploaded design (within the limits of waterjet technology) Big Blue Saw will refund or replace your parts at no charge to you.

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“The typical waterjet companies around here have the traditional quoting system. where you send them a paper drawing, you wait 3 weeks, the guy contacts you with a formal quote and it’s just way too slow. In 3 weeks we usually have robots designed and built.”

Ray Russell, Founder, RoPro Design

“I’ve really enjoyed working with [Big Blue Saw]. I’ve been a customer for quite some time… It was always a dream to just get things out. I’ve worked with other companies before you guys were around and I always kind of got this e-mail tag… It’s real nice to be able to take a DXF or drawing file, throw it on the net, get an instant quote, put it in the cart, and be done with it. It’s real easy to work with, especially [at] universities.”

Casey Kuhns, University of Northern Colorado

“I was very pleased with the say everything came out. I think the anodizing… worked very well and really gives it a nice look to it. I was very happy with the waterjet cutting… I’ve seen the pre-manufactured ones that you can get from the manufacturer and I think [the custom waterjet brackets] hold up just as well.”

Clay Benning, Founder, The Alliance Theatre
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