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Matt Sordillo

Co-Founder, Head of Marketing Solutions

Matt Sordillo lives and breathes job shop marketing. He works closely with job shop owners to provide the tools necessary to compete in today’s increasingly digital business world.

Previously, he was the Head of Marketing at RAPID Manufacturing – the CNC machining and sheet metal shop that he helped grow into a $50M company and was eventually sold to Proto Labs, Inc. (PRLB) in 2017 for $120M.

Content Marketing Annual Plans Include:

content2 content1

We’ll work with your team to develop an editorial calendar of topics that are top of mind and that your team has a unique perspective on. Our team of writers will then put pen to paper to get your ideas out in front of your customers.

EMAIL2 Email1

Stay in front of your customers even when you’re not selling. Our email marketing team will help you craft eye-catching, thought provoking emails so that you’re top of mind with your customers when they’re ready to buy.


Pick 10 keywords to track, these keywords will be utilized in blog and social media content. Website audits will be pulled monthly to make sure new content is adhering to best practices and to ensure your website is functioning as it should.



Extend your brand and your content reach through a steady stream of on point social postings in key social networks like Facebook, and more importantly, LinkedIn.


About marketing solutions

Grow Your Shop And Attract More Business

The days of part buyers calling or emailing a shop for quotes without visiting the website are over. However, this doesn’t mean job shops need to spend an arm and a leg in both time and dollars on building out the most elaborate website. Rather, shops simply need to have an internet presence and an easy way for these buyers to request a quote for the services they offer.

Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions helps shops like yours get more RFQs, grow their digital presence, and compete with larger shops.

Bill Mcklveen

“Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions really gets what it takes to succeed in the modern manufacturing industry. They have the formula, the experience, and the discipline to drive effective marketing initiatives. If you want to rank, go with these guys.”

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Bill Mcklveen
CEO, Arbiser Machine

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