“The Paperless Preview” Group Demo: How Paperless Parts Makes it Easy for OEMs to Buy From You

Tuesday, March 26th at 1:00 PM ET
Hosted by Dana Wensberg

OEMs expect more these days—they want suppliers to offer end-to-end product development support, and expect faster turnaround times from RFQ to delivery. That’s why OEMs love working with shops that have Paperless Parts.

Paperless Parts’ modern and secure quoting platform allows you to be the strategic partner OEMs want (and have come to expect) you to be. Buyers love that Paperless Parts users offer:

  • Faster quote turnaround times
  • Transparent, instant communication
  • Customized quote formats for portal submission
  • Reduced risk for manufacturability issues and human error

In this episode of The Paperless Preview, get a demo of Paperless Parts that highlights some of our customers’ customers’ favorite features.

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