“The Paperless Preview” Group Demo: A Demo with the Founder

Tuesday, April 30th at 1:00 PM ET
Hosted by Paperless Parts Co-Founder & CEO Jason Ray

Without a centralized quoting process, digging out of a hefty backlog, delivering consistent prices, or communicating with vendors can quickly become overwhelming (and ultimately, costly). On Tuesday, April 30th, see a quick demo of how Paperless Parts centralizes your quoting process led by our Co-Founder & CEO Jason Ray.

Learn how Paperless Parts uses AI-supported workflows, leverages geometric part analysis, and integrates your shop’s technology to streamline every step of the quote-to-cash cycle. We’ll cover all the ways the platform drives speed, accuracy, and consistency for your estimating team to create more wins for your shop.

About Your Host
Jason Ray, Co-Founder & CEO of Paperless Parts, experienced the challenges of a disorganized, fragmented, and analog quoting process while working as a Supply & Logistics Officer for the U.S. Navy. Recognizing the urgent need for improvement, Paperless Parts was established in 2017 with a commitment to revolutionizing the quote-to-cash experience for job shop manufacturers.

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