The #1 Sheet Metal Estimating Software

See how Paperless Parts is helping manufacturers with:

  • Geometry-driven quoting
  • Easy-to-use pricing tools
  • CAD viewing and secure collaboration
  • Design for Manufacturability Analysis
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Secure, Cloud-based File Sharing

With one central tool that stores all your files and tribal knowledge, you can quote faster and more consistently. Every file is treated with the highest level of security that meets NIST, ITAR, and CMMC because regardless of who you are doing work for, your customers demand you protect their files.

In-context Collaboration Tools

Communicate securely and effectively in real time without needing additional software. Imagine being able to make time-stamped notes for the future, mark specific areas of prints, and assign tasks in the context of a drawing.

Immediate Searchability

Build a library of historic data and ensure no time is wasted re-quoting parts by being able to search and reference past quotes for similar RFQs in seconds.

Analytics for Optimal Win-rates

The Paperless Parts analytics engine can help prioritize quotes for optimal win-rates and drive insights using data gathered from past jobs to evaluate current RFQs and decide the best way to quote them.
Peter Marcoux, Estimating and Sales Manager

“Trust in the Paperless Parts quoting software has been transformative. The more information we have up front, the more we can speed up the process – and when you wear a lot of hats, it makes the biggest difference for your business.”