Optimize the Estimating Process for Enterprise-Level Coordination and Efficiency

A manual estimating and quoting process creates fragmented communication and unnecessary risk. This is especially true in large contract manufacturers with multiple stakeholders that are managing steps in silos, one after the other. Traditional processes use Excel files that may live in emails or share drives and lack version control. Some manufacturers are still using printed documents that get passed from one step to the next.

These antiquated processes cause delays between steps reducing quote response time and efficiency. As a result, managers and sales leaders have little visibility into how the quote is being prepared and its status. With buyers demanding faster quotes, this problem requires a modern software solution.

Register for this on-demand webinar to learn how Paperless Parts is streamlining the estimating and quoting process by providing every stakeholder with holistic visibility of the entire quoting process and where the bottlenecks are. Watch the demo of our newly released Workflows feature to learn how manufacturing shop owners, sales leaders, and managers can:

  • See how close quotes are to being complete, how fast their estimating team is working, or if a quote is on hold.
  • Receive outstanding task warnings to prevent mistakes before large quotes get sent.
  • Send notifications to all stakeholders with direction on what they’re responsible for.
  • View the entire quoting process holistically and see where quotes are stuck.
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