How to Reduce Human Error by Using Automation In Your Estimating and Quoting Process

One of the main challenges for every sheet metal fabricator is balancing the need for fast quotes and making sure they are consistent and mistake-free. One mistake on a large quote usually means thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Inconsistencies on quotes to a longtime customer could mean losing the customer.

A buyer’s job is to manage risk, and if your shop sends inconsistent quotes or makes mistakes, you look risky. Estimating is one of the most challenging jobs in your shop and is critical to ensure profitability. Every job starts with a quote and this process can be a bottleneck if you don’t give your team the right tools for the job.

Join this webinar with Jason Ray, Co-founder, and CEO of Paperless Parts, to learn how you can leverage technology to:

  • Automate steps in the quoting process to improve the consistency of your quotes
  • Avoid mistakes with manufacturability warnings based on the geometry of the part
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