How To Hire Junior Estimators Without Killing Your Business

The growing skills gap is nothing new in manufacturing. Deloitte predicts that 2.1 million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled by the end of the decade. While unfilled jobs on the shop floor impact throughput and productivity, losing an experienced estimator can cost you your business.

Every job starts with a quote and this person often has years of undocumented tribal knowledge that makes them effective in their current position. It also makes it very challenging to hire and successfully onboard new estimators. In most manufacturing businesses, this is a single point of failure—meaning that when it happens, owners will have to step back in and take the reins until the problem can be solved.

Watch this webinar to learn how modern software can play a critical role in adding guardrails and pulling all of your shop’s estimating knowledge into one central place that is accessible for new estimators that need to be trained.

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