How Over-Engineered Sheet Metal Fabrication Quotes Are Costing You

Are you spending too much time engineering sheet metal fabrication quotes?

At Paperless Parts, we’ve watched 100s of quotes get engineered using a variety of different methods. Estimating and quoting take a significant amount of time in sheet metal fabrication shops. Often, the most experienced employees or the shop owners themselves perform these activities because they are critical and have a direct impact on the business. But estimating and quoting doesn’t need to bog down your team. Especially when studies show that 7 out of 10 quotes sent result in no revenue.

In this webinar, Jason Ray, Co-Founder & CEO of Paperless Parts will show you how modern technology can help you gain the right insights from the data you are generating in the quoting process to help reduce time spent on over-estimating quotes. Learn how you can leverage the geometry of the part to drive cost and pricing formulas. With this data and automation in the quoting process, your team can spend less time engineering quotes and more time on the shop floor completing jobs and training junior employees.

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