Escape Your Share Drive

How to Create a Digital Thread that Connects Your Front Office to the Shop Floor

Every sheet metal fabricator generates terabytes of data a year. How many times do you save data in different folders on your share drive? When an RFQ comes in, do you end up with data for that job living in multiple places such as email, Excel, your ERP, and printed paper on your desk? Every time data is saved somewhere new, a discreet silo of information is created, and manufacturers lose efficiency every time they need to reference a different silo to learn what is going on with a specific job. There is a huge amount of tribal knowledge and data loss from the quote to order process and the order to cash process.

Don’t waste time quoting the same part twice, risk making the wrong part, or miss an engineering rev change because you lack the right data in the right places. Watch this on-demand webinar with Jason Ray, Co-founder and CEO of Paperless Parts, to learn how to break down the silos of information and connect your front office to the shop floor to drive efficiency and reduce risk.

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