How to Analyze Quote Data to Drive Strategy in Your Shop

Advanced Analytics with Paperless Parts

What decisions could you make if you were able to visualize your shop’s win rate over time? What strategies would you implement if you could see your RFQ response time slipping the past 6 months? Have you ever wished you had access to this information so you could continuously improve your business?

Watch the on-demand webinar hosted by CEO Jason Ray and Account Manager Dean Tanner to see how Paperless Parts’ Advanced Analytics now makes it possible to access information you have never had before to improve your strategy, understand win-rates, and prioritize the jobs you will be more likely to win. The webinar will highlight how our new Advanced Analytics feature unlocks the power of your quote and order data. We will be demonstrating our new analytics dashboards that also include the ability to query your own data, enabling you to pull information such as win rates by process, material, or a specific customer.

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