A Demo with the Founder: Rapidly Quote CNC Machining Jobs

Watch this demo with Jason Ray, Co-founder and CEO of Paperless Parts, to see a guided tour of how the Paperless Parts platform is designed to automate estimating and quoting for multi-axis milling and turning. See how Paperless Parts enables manufacturers to rapidly quote a wide variety of complexities, from the simplest 3-axis parts, to the most complex multi-axis geometries requiring multiple setups, and custom fixturing.

In this live demo, learn how the Paperless Parts platform:

  • Leverages geometry to provide information like setup count, process-specific feature detection (holes/pockets/3D machining), and volume removal that drive costs and automated pricing for faster quoting
  • Reduces human error in your estimating and quoting process with automation and manufacturability warnings to identify things like deep holes and pockets that may require special tooling, or impossible features that add cost or complexity to the job
  • Gives managers, sales, and estimators visibility into the full quoting process
  • Provides secure collaboration and file sharing, both internally and with external vendors and customers
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