10 Reasons to Integrate Your ERP With Modern Quoting Software

Are you frustrated with your ERP system? Is it slowing you down? This eBook was written for you.

We have noticed that many manufacturers are estimating and quoting with pen and paper or calculating their quotes in Microsoft Excel, then entering the numbers into their ERP system, and then sending the quote through their ERP system.

This is hyper-manual and time-consuming, and every manual step that is done in the ERP system slows you down and makes the quoting process as a whole less efficient. Not to mention that building a quote in your ERP system requires manual data entry which is error-prone and causes unnecessary risk. ERP systems are not tailored to manufacturing business processes and lack flexibility and configuration when it comes to pricing.

One solution to these challenges with your ERP system is to extend its functionality by integrating with modern quoting software like Paperless Parts. Download this eBook for 10 key reasons to integrate your ERP system with Paperless Parts’ secure, cloud-based quoting platform.

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