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Paperless Parts and Penn Engineering Partner Referral Program

Refer Your Network and Earn Rewards

Do you know shops that will benefit from Paperless Parts? Spread the word and earn rewards.

Referral Program Benefits


$500 Demo Reward

For every qualified referral that attends a Paperless Parts demo, you’ll earn a $500 reward.

$$$$ in Referral Rewards

If a referral of yours becomes a Paperless Parts customer, you’ll get rewarded: $1,500 for your first referral, $2,000 for every referral after that.
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Deepen Your Relationship

By introducing your customer to Paperless Parts, you're delivering tremendous value, strengthening your position as a trusted partner.

How the Referral Process Works

  • Step 1: Have a conversation with your customers – are they intrigued?
  • Step 2: If so, submit your referral to Paperless Parts
  • Step 3: If it looks like a good fit, we’ll schedule a demo
  • Step 4: After they attend a demo, you get $500
  • Step 5: If they sign up with Paperless Parts, you earn more cash
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Cassidy Fink

“Paperless Parts is the only software we have purchased that has actually come through for us…It is an absolute
no-brainer for anyone who works in a shop. The ability to throw a 3D model into the software and get a price out
instantly sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t.”

Cassidy Fink
Sales and Customer Relations Manager, Hillside Manufacturing

Everything You Need to Know about the Champions Program

How does I make a referral?

Simple: have a conversation with your customers to gauge their interest. If they seem intrigued, just fill out this form. Please do not submit the form without first speaking directly to the person you’re referring.


Then, send a quick email to your contact cc-ing to let them know we’ll be in touch soon! You can send a personalized email or just use the copy below!


Hi {customer}-


As we chatted about previously, I think your shop would benefit greatly from partnering with Paperless Parts. I’ve recommended they reach out to you to schedule a demo. In the meantime, if you’d like to know anything about our experience with Paperless Parts, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Your name

What is a qualified referral?

A referral occurs when a Paperless Parts customer connects our sales team with a business they feel could benefit from our software.

Please note that a Paperless Parts customer can’t refer itself or its affiliates, or a business that is already using Paperless Parts or in active conversations with our sales team. If we receive the same referral from multiple sources, only the first will receive credit.  For a referral to be counted, it must meet the requirements in the referral agreement.

Who should I refer to Paperless Parts?

If you know a CNC Machine Shop, Sheet Metal Fabricator, or Additive Manufacturer that does at least  $1M in annual sales, we encourage you to refer them to us. We are always expanding our platform capabilities to address different types of manufacturing processes, so check back often. 

How do I receive a $500 Demo Reward?

If our sales team determines that the referral is qualified and would be a good fit, we will contact them to schedule a software demo. The $500 Demo Reward will be paid if they attend the demo within 30 days of the referral submission.

How do I receive the New Customer Referral reward?

Once a referral becomes a Paperless Parts customer and completes the onboarding process, you’re eligible to receive a New Customer Referral Reward.

  • 1st referral: $1500 redeemable as a Visa Gift Card
  • If two or more referrals close, $2000 redeemable as a Visa Gift Card

When will I receive my Referral Rewards?

For $500 Demo Rewards, a $500 Visa Gift Card will be provided within 2 weeks after the referral attends the demo.

For New Customer Referral Rewards, we’ll notify you when the referral becomes a customer, and you will receive a Visa Gift Card within one month.

What are the official rules?

Please read the full terms and conditions for our Referral Rewards Program.

As a participant in Paperless Parts referral programs, in the event you post or share information about Paperless Parts or such programs via social media, you must disclose your material connection to Paperless Parts and follow the Federal Trade Commission’s Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The following hashtags should be used in all social media posts: #Sponsored, #PP_ReferralProgram.

Who do I talk to if I have questions?

Please email [email protected], subject line “referral program” with any referral related questions. We’re happy to help!