Read-only Collaboration for Build-a-Quote

Get ready for easier collaboration across your team and fewer work interruptions! Now, you can view line items that another user is editing without causing them to lose their work.

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If a user is editing a line item, we now show an up dated message communicating this to other users:

Clicking into the line item will bring you to a read-only view of the line item, where you can view all costing and pricing information, refresh the page to see any updates, take over editing the line item if desired, or exit the line item:

Clicking “Take over” will allow you to edit the line item and move the previous editor to a read-only state:


What can I do when I’m viewing a line item another user is editing?

  • View costing and pricing
  • Download supporting files
  • Click to view operation variables
  • Click into assembly components
  • Use chat

What can I not do when I’m viewing a line item another user is editing?

  • Update the part information (PN, rev, part description)
  • Add manufacturer’s notes
  • Add manufacturing notes
  • Upload supporting files
  • Update geometric attributes
  • Update or add custom attributes
  • Change thickness / contours for DXFs
  • Change quantities
  • Update workflow statuses
  • Add or remove supporting files
  • Update process / material / finish
  • Add / delete / reorder operations / material operations / pricing items / discounts / add-ons
  • Override P3L variables
  • Change setup / runtime / quantity-specific overrides
  • Add / delete assembly components
  • Convert PCs to manufactured components
  • Change BOM quantities
  • Change or add lead times or expedites

Does this feature apply to finalized quotes as well?

Yes. Currently, only one user is able to have a line item expanded for all quote statuses, even for finalized quotes where a user cannot make edits to the line item. Now, multiple users can view finalized line items at the same time.

Are changes made to the quote item automatically updated for the user(s) in view mode?

No. The user will need to refresh their page in order to see any edits to the quote item made by the user in edit-mode. You can do that by manually refreshing the page or by clicking “Refresh” on the quote item header.

How many users can be viewing the same line item at once?

There can only be one user editing the line item, but there is no limit to the number of users who can be viewing it.

What if multiple users want to edit the same line item at once?

Multiple users cannot make edits to the same line item at the same time. Only one user can be editing it while others are viewing it.

What happens to the user(s) in view-only mode if the editing user leaves the quote item?

Users viewing the quote item will still be viewing the quote item in a read-only state, and will need to click “Edit” in order to take over editing the quote item.