New Quote Setup Workflow

We have introduced a new set of features designed to simplify the process of organizing and reviewing RFQ files, automate the identification of key information needed to quote a part, and reduce the effort and potential errors associated with entering that information into Paperless Parts.

Why it matters

Estimators waste a lot of time on administrative tasks – reviewing and organizing quote files, identifying the information you need in order to quote every part – part number, revision, description, material, process, finishes, specifications, and entering those into Paperless Parts. With this new workflow, setting up quotes is faster and easier than ever, freeing estimators to focus on what they’re best at – costing and pricing parts.

What it is

The new AI-supported Quote Setup workflow connects Paperless Parts directly to your inbox – now RFQs can be forwarded directly from your email into the platform, automatically starting a new quote with all quote files attached. Paperless Parts analyzes the RFQ and automatically extracts and fills out key information like the contact, account, and RFQ received date. The attachments are processed through our secure, CMMC-compliant file processing pipeline, scanned for viruses, and then stored in a staging area inside each quote.

Once inside Paperless Parts, estimators have tools to automatically extract part numbers, revisions, and quantities from the RFQ email, and once they’ve created the line items, Paperless Parts will automatically move all the files associated with each line item to the correct place.

Line Item Matching for Sheet Metal

Paperless Parts also supports common actions like assigning a file to multiple line items, unzipping zip files, dragging and dropping files between line items, and renaming files.

Dedicated workflows for verifying AI-powered suggestions allow estimators to go line by line and inspect the extracted data right alongside the print or model. Users can quickly navigate through an RFQ line-by-line and verify that the extracted information is correct.

QPV Part Setup

How to learn more

Visit the knowledge base for a full description of the workflow and in-detail explanations of how each feature within the quote setup workflow works.

Want more help?

Join us on Thursday, February 22nd, for our monthly Power Lunch series, where we will review the new end-to-end quote setup workflow. Prefer to get hands-on assistance? Sign up for one of our Quote Setup Help Sessions, led by our Customer Success team.