Line Item Management: Easily manage the flow of quotes through your shop

What We Built

Does your shop keep track of quotes outside of Paperless – maybe in an external spreadsheet or Rolling Action Item Log (RAIL)? Paperless Parts has released a set of features designed to make this job easier in Paperless Parts, reducing the number of systems your team needs to track in order to manage: 

  • Who has ownership of each quote and part
  • Where each RFQ is in the quoting process
  • What needs to happen next to get quotes out the door

With Line Item Management, you can now:

  • Assign estimators to quotes and line items
  • View line items in the Quotes page 
  • Create personalized or group-level Saved Views to easily access the quotes, parts, and information most relevant to you

Get detailed instructions on how to use these new features in our Knowledge Base article, or review this article to see which Saved Views best-in-class shops are using to streamline their quoting process. 

Why It Matters

Managing quotes is a critical task within a shop. In order to keep turnaround time down, ensure that no RFQ falls through the cracks, and prioritize work that is low effort or that you’re likely to win, somebody constantly needs to keep track of in-progress quotes and shift focus in the right direction. 

We consistently heard from users that it was difficult to do this job in Paperless for a few key reasons:

  • Shops think about their work in terms of parts, not quotes
  • It was not possible to tell the status of a quote from the Quotes page
  • There was no way to assign a person ownership of a part in Paperless, only a quote

Line item management makes it easier to keep track of the status and owner of parts in Paperless rather than quotes. Saved Views take it a step further by enabling you to configure dashboards of parts and quotes that meet a specific set of criteria (ex. Parts for a specific account, quotes that need to be reviewed, etc), so that the information you need to do your job most efficiently is at your fingertips.

Learn more

Want to learn how you can use these features to optimize the flow of quotes through your shop? Reach out to your CSM or our support team, or register for our interactive Line Item Management workshop at Power 2024 today.