Roncelli Plastics Joins Forces with Paperless Parts to Expedite Quote Turnaround Time & Strengthen Cybersecurity Posture

May 22, 2023

Quoting platform built for custom manufacturers will enable Roncelli Plastics to consistently turn quotes around in < 48 hours, support future expansion, and enhance ITAR controls.

Monrovia, CARoncelli Plastics, third-generation leading plastics manufacturer for over 50 years, today announced that it has partnered with Paperless Parts, the industry’s top-rated quoting and estimating software, to drive the company’s next phase of growth and advancement.

Roncelli Plastics was founded in 1969 and has since grown to encompass seven locations in the U.S. and one in Malaysia. Roncelli Plastics has been delivering high-quality plastic components for some of the most demanding applications, catering to a diverse range of organizations, from Fortune 100 corporations to early-stage hyper-growth startups across industries such as aerospace and defense, medical, Semiconductor, and more.

Given their diverse customer base and continued expansion into new markets, the ability to quickly understand quote packages and turn around fast, accurate quotes is critical to meeting client demands. By deploying Paperless Parts, Roncelli Plastics will be able to standardize quoting across their multi-person estimating team (which they plan to grow by 50% within the next year) and support further expansion plans by driving efficiency in their quoting process, leading to more purchase orders. Paperless Parts will also enable Roncelli Plastics to protect ITAR-related data—a significant portion of their work—and set the organization up for a successful transition to CMMC compliance in 2024.

“This collaboration with Paperless Parts is an essential step towards streamlining our operations, increasing our efficiency, fortifying our cybersecurity posture and improving our customer experience,” says John Thiel, VP of Sales at Roncelli Plastics. “Being able to consistently turn quotes around within 1-2 days, offer a CMMC-compliant data environment, and provide a consistent and seamless buying experience will allow us to improve upon the exceptional service our customers have come to expect from Roncelli Plastics.”

Paperless Parts’ quoting and estimating software is designed specifically for custom manufacturers and offers a comprehensive solution that streamlines the end-to-end purchasing process for part buyers. The cloud-native software is hosted on Amazon GovCloud: the same servers used by the U.S. Department of Defense. The platform offers secure collaboration tools, a proprietary geometry-driven costing engine, a System Security Plan based on the FedRAMP Moderate baseline, automatic design for manufacturability warnings, digital quotes and quote exports to any custom .csv format, intelligent CUI permissions, and more.

“We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Roncelli Plastics into the Paperless Parts family. They place a tremendous amount of focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences, and we’re honored that they have entrusted us to be a partner in that effort,” said Jason Ray, Co-Founder and CEO of Paperless Parts.

About Roncelli Plastics

Since the doors opened in 1969, third-generation Roncelli Plastics’ mission has been to deliver critical plastic parts for critical industries, providing support for organizations ranging from fortune 100 corporations to early stage hyper growth startups. Committed to investing in the most efficient manufacturing technologies and outstanding people, Roncelli Plastics empowers an atmosphere of accountability, reliability, and dependability where open communication and teamwork translates to customer success. To learn more, visit

About Paperless Parts

Paperless Parts is the industry’s top-rated quoting and estimating software for custom manufacturers. The software streamlines the quoting process, enabling businesses to generate accurate quotes quickly and efficiently while providing real-time analytics to help companies make better decisions. With Paperless Parts, manufacturers can modernize their operations, reduce lead times, improve cybersecurity posture and deliver a top-level customer experience. For more information about Paperless Parts, visit

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