Paperless Parts Launches Workflow Feature to Optimize the Quoting Process for Enterprise-Level Coordination and Efficiency

May 5, 2021

New functionality allows organizations to seamlessly coordinate all necessary stakeholders with end-to-end communication and data-sharing

BOSTON — Paperless Parts, the leading cloud-based sales and quoting platform for custom part manufacturers, today announced the launch of Workflow, a new feature in its Paperless Quoting platform. Large contract manufacturing businesses have multiple stakeholders involved in estimating and quoting—Paperless Parts streamlines the process with end-to-end communication and secure seamless data sharing. The Workflow feature enables synchronized coordination across an entire estimating team and accelerates the process by enabling work on discrete tasks in a parallel rather than linear fashion.

In a manual quoting process, managers and sales leaders don’t have full visibility into how quotes are being prepared. Without knowing the status or where bottlenecks exist, they can’t proactively address issues. There are many steps and personas involved in the estimating process—each task is often managed in a silo, with steps happening one after the other. The workflow generally includes estimators, engineers, procurement, and sales. Traditional processes use Excel files that may live in emails or share drives and lack version control. Some manufacturers are even still using printed documents that get passed from one step to the next. These antiquated processes cause delays between steps reducing quote response time and efficiency.

Paperless Parts Workflow gives all stakeholders the visibility and context they need to move quotes along in an informed way. The feature eliminates and identifies potential bottlenecks that prevent fast turnaround on quotes. Workflows are completely customizable to an organization’s processes and can support any size team. This enhancement makes Paperless Quoting a more powerful solution for businesses with several stakeholders in the estimating and quoting process.

“A manual estimating and quoting process creates fragmented communication and unnecessary risk. This is especially true in large contract manufacturers. With buyers demanding faster quotes, this problem requires a modern software solution,” said Jason Ray, Co-founder & CEO of Paperless Parts. “Our new Workflow feature makes sure every step in a quote is visible to all stakeholders working on it. This also enables managers to identify bottlenecks and prioritize. Together this moves quotes along faster to meet changing buyer expectations.”

With Paperless Parts’ Workflow feature, manufacturing shop owners, sales leaders, and managers can:

  • See how close quotes are to being complete, how fast their estimating team is working, or if a quote is on hold
  • Receive outstanding task warnings to prevent mistakes before large quotes get sent
  • Send notifications to all stakeholders with direction on what they’re responsible for
  • View the entire quoting process holistically and see where quotes are stuck

“Paperless Parts’ Workflow feature is a major advancement for any manufacturing shop, but especially for an organization of our scale. We can use these tools to coordinate the efforts of Estimating, Quality, Purchasing and Sales across the entire quote board which allows us to respond quicker to our customers’ expectations for faster RFQ response time,” said Eric Borman, Owner, Progressive Metal Manufacturing.

Paperless Parts is the most powerful quoting solution for enterprise manufacturing organizations. The Workflow feature frees manufacturers from their slow linear process that silos data in Excel spreadsheets and paper prints. This is another example of the company’s continued drive to bring modern software to the manufacturing industry. Paperless Parts enables all manufacturers to begin their digital transformation and thrive.

For more information, watch the on-demand webinar highlighting the many use cases for Paperless Workflows, followed up by a live demo of our newly released Custom Workflows feature. Visit this link to register.

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Paperless Parts is on a mission to help job shops, contract manufacturers and finishing companies improve business and grow by providing them with the most advanced, secure, cloud-based sales and quoting system available. The software streamlines manufacturers’ existing workflows by combining modern business process automation tools with a configurable geometric pricing engine that drives speed and consistency in the quoting process. The platform integrates with CRM and ERP systems to supercharge front office operations and sales teams, and enables more efficient responses to RFQs for a variety of manufacturing processes. Manufacturers across the U.S. have uploaded over 1 million job files using the platform and are processing over $500,000 worth of orders a day. Privately funded by manufacturing industry experts, Paperless Parts was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Boston. Additional information available at