Paperless Parts Integrates with Infor VISUALⓇ to Extend Its Functionality and Help Manufacturers Quote Faster

July 8, 2021

New integration supercharges the capabilities of Infor VISUALⓇ and empowers manufacturers with newfound efficiency and speed in the estimating and quoting process.

BOSTON — Paperless Parts, the leading sales and quoting software platform for job shops and contract manufacturers, today announced their live integration with Infor VISUALⓇ, a complete ERP solution for order-driven manufacturing companies. The integration enables Paperless Parts and Infor VISUALⓇ customers to benefit from seamless communication between the two systems. Manufacturers can now save time in the quoting process and avoid manual data entry into more than one system.

ERP systems are great at facilitating orders once they are placed, scheduling jobs, and inventory management. However, they typically do not offer a more automated solution for returning quotes quickly and consistently in order to win more business. This is where Paperless Parts excels. The integration extends the functionality of Infor VISUALⓇ while utilizing the ERP’s valuable underlying components, making the system even more robust in its functionality.

“Infor is a widely respected global provider of ERP systems that has enabled custom part manufacturers to manage their businesses for decades. We are excited to offer an integration into Infor VISUALⓇ for those who adopt Paperless Parts’ technology as an enhancement to their existing Infor systems,” said Jason Ray, Co-Founder and CEO of Paperless Parts. “This integration allows them to securely store RFQ files, automate steps in the estimating process, streamline internal and external communication, and ultimately, return faster quotes so that more orders are placed and facilitated through Infor VISUALⓇ.”

The integration passes information related to: customers, parts, work orders, requirements, and orders between Paperless Parts and Infor VISUALⓇ. The integration between Paperless Parts and Infor VISUALⓇ provides manufacturers with the flexibility to customize the quoting process to their specific business processes. Metalcraft Technologies, Inc., the manufacturer of choice for aviation structural assemblies and components, is leading the way by becoming the first manufacturer to deploy this integration.

“We have successfully relied on Infor VISUALⓇ for 11 years, and felt it was time to take our quoting and analytics to the next level. We chose Paperless Parts because we wanted more visibility into our customer and quoting data,” said Jeremy Dustin, Senior Manager of Customer Relations at Metalcraft. “With Infor VISUALⓇ and Paperless Parts integrated, we are able to make better business decisions for our company. The support from Paperless Parts with this custom solution has been excellent, and we are excited to be the big fish in a little pond as the first manufacturer benefiting from the integration.”

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About Paperless Parts

Paperless Parts is on a mission to help job shops, contract manufacturers and finishing companies improve business and grow by providing them with the most advanced, secure, cloud-based sales and quoting system available. The software streamlines manufacturers’ existing workflows by combining modern business process automation tools with a configurable geometric pricing engine that drives speed and consistency in the quoting process. The platform integrates with CRM and ERP systems to supercharge front office operations and sales teams, and enables more efficient responses to RFQs for a variety of manufacturing processes. Manufacturers across the U.S. have uploaded over 1 million job files using the platform and are processing over $1 million worth of orders a day. Privately funded by manufacturing industry experts, Paperless Parts was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Boston. Additional information is available at