Paperless Parts Expands Platform with New Capability for Metal Finishing Companies to Provide Fast, Secure Quotes

April 13, 2021

Functionality bolsters security and speeds finishing phase of the manufacturing supply chain

BOSTON — Paperless Parts, the leading cloud-based sales and quoting platform for custom part manufacturers, today announced the expansion of its product to support metal finishing companies. Paperless Parts now enables finishing companies to quote jobs faster. This new functionality provides a more automated way for finishers to price jobs. The platform supports quoting for plating, painting, powder coating, heat treating and other finishing processes. It also provides secure (NIST/CMMC) storage of sensitive customer data and intellectual property.

Traditional quoting is a manual process. Slow quoting from metal finishing vendors is a pain point for machine shops and sheet metal fabricators. This prevents them from responding to their customers quickly. Buyer expectations for fast quotes have changed, driving manufacturers to adopt new technology. Job shops and contract manufacturers are adopting Paperless Parts to meet these expectations. Finishing shops remain the long pole in the tent using Excel and pen and paper. Paperless Parts developed automated quoting for finishing companies in response to this need.

“Software companies ignore the end of the supply chain. This causes significant inefficiencies that hurt American manufacturing. We developed automated quoting functionality for finishing companies to help address this challenge,” said Jason Ray, co-founder & CEO of Paperless Parts. “I’m excited to see our platform expand to support more of the manufacturing supply chain.”

Paperless Parts is a powerful solution that identifies the variables required to consistently and quickly price finishing processes. These variables are automatically extracted from technical data provided in RFQs. Key aspects like the surface area, volume, dimensions, and rackability drive the automation.

“One of our biggest issues in the quoting process has always been the finishing quote phase. Sharing and receiving the right information in a timely manner was a challenging and slow piece of that process,” said Grady Cope, president and CEO of Reata Engineering. “Paperless Parts’ metal finishing quoting tool is a gamechanger for us and our finishing partners. We are able to communicate effectively and price jobs accurately and quickly, leading us to win more business.”

“Paperless Parts’ software streamlines our communication with job shops. This new capability for finishing processes will make quoting much simpler,” said Tamea Franco, president and CEO of Global Metal Finishing. “Using this platform, we are able to ask questions to the job shop issuing the RFQ, view 3D models that can improve the finishing process, and run suggestions by job shops for approval. This creates process efficiencies and cost savings that may have been overlooked otherwise. We can turn accurate quotes around in minutes rather than hours.”

Paperless Parts is the most powerful quoting solution for metal finishing companies. The company continually innovates to bring smart manufacturing solutions to the industry. Now all manufacturers can embrace Industry 4.0 and grow their businesses.

About Paperless Parts

Paperless Parts is on a mission to help job shops, contract manufacturers, and finishing companies improve business and grow by providing them with the most advanced, secure, cloud-based sales and quoting system available. The software streamlines manufacturers’ existing workflows by combining modern business process automation tools with a configurable geometric pricing engine that drives speed and consistency in the quoting process. The platform integrates with CRM and ERP systems to supercharge front office operations and sales teams, and enables more efficient responses to RFQs for a variety of manufacturing processes. Manufacturers across the U.S. have uploaded over 1 million job files using the platform and are processing over $500,000 worth of orders a day. Privately funded by manufacturing industry experts, Paperless Parts was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Boston.