Klesk Metal Stamping to Scale Quickly and Efficiently with Paperless Parts

The Twin Cities leader in precision metal solutions will soon leverage the modern quoting solution to drive 40% growth.

June 7, 2024

Minneapolis, MNKlesk Metal Stamping, a trusted provider of precision metal solutions in the Twin Cities region, today announces its strategic investment in Paperless Parts, the industry’s premier quoting platform. Specializing in stamping, EDM hole drilling and wire services, certified quality control, expert engineering, tooling and fabrication, and more, Klesk delivers a wide range of services to a diverse range of industries including aerospace, oil and gas, medical, dental and telecomm.

Klesk Metal Stamping aims to achieve 40% growth between 2025 and 2028, and streamlining operations and customer experience have been top priorities for 2024. They are focused on enhancing visibility into their quoting process and driving efficiency across their services to better serve their customers.

Paperless Parts offers key features such as an AI-powered quote setup workflow, automatic bill of materials generation, and centralized part viewer. The platform enables the Klesk team to simplify their quoting process and allocate more resources to scaling the business. Additionally, the quoting platform’s future integration into a new ERP will eliminate manual data entry, reduce errors, and ensure production information is always up to date.

“We want to empower our team with tools to provide faster, more accurate quotes and ensure top-notch service for our clients,” says Jeff Marone, CEO of Klesk Metal Stamping. “Paperless Parts will help our team collaborate to do just that.”

Marone also pointed out the benefits of the platform being flexible enough to scale alongside the fast-growing business. “Paperless Parts will be instrumental in handling increased quote volume as we expand our reach,” explains Marone. “Its capabilities will help us pursue more aerospace and defense work and achieve compliance with CMMC/NIST standards, which aligns with our vision for the future.”

Klesk Metal Stamping and Paperless Parts have developed a comprehensive five-year partnership plan to achieve Klesk’s ambitious long-term goals.

“We are excited to welcome Klesk Metal Stamping into our community,” says Jason Ray, Co-Founder and CEO of Paperless Parts. “Their commitment to innovation and quality aligns perfectly with our mission to empower manufacturers with cutting-edge technology.”

About Klesk Metal Stamping
For over 60 years, Klesk Metal Stamping has been the trusted name in precision metal solutions, specializing in stamping, thin metal, EDM, and meticulous design. Its seasoned team of experts ensures unparalleled quality and precision, driven by values of quality, service, team, reliability and safety. Klesk Metal Stamping has the capabilities to supply parts to a wide range of industries including but not limited to Aerospace, Computer, Construction, Dental, Electronics, Government, Military, Medical, Recreation, and Telecommunications. They manufacture parts from a wide range of materials including metals, plastics, synthetics, rubber, and cloth. To learn more, visit www.kleskmetalstamping.com.

About Paperless Parts
Paperless Parts is the industry-leading technology platform for manufacturing quoting and communication. Explicitly designed for job shop manufacturers, Paperless Parts streamlines the RFQ-to-cash cycle by identifying manufacturability issues, creating accurate quotes, and processing orders. By revolutionizing how shops communicate with buyers and providing real-time analytics for informed decision-making, Paperless Parts helps manufacturers generate more accurate quotes efficiently with ITAR-compliant RFQ forms and platform features focused on keeping information secure. For more information about Paperless Parts, please visit www.paperlessparts.com.