Actco Tool & Manufacturing Company Partners with Paperless Parts Quoting Software to Modernize Front Office Operations & Capture Tribal Knowledge

June 1, 2023

Generational machine shop in “Tool City” looks to empower new generation of ownership with help of modern quoting software from Paperless Parts.

Meadville, PAActco Tool & Manufacturing Company, a veteran and woman-led small business in Meadville, PA, has partnered with Paperless Parts: the industry’s premier quoting and estimating software. This collaboration will enable Actco to enhance its quoting process and achieve unprecedented time savings. It will also help them to better leverage the expertise of its most experienced team members as the family-owned business transitions ownership to the next generation.

With the implementation of Paperless Parts, Actco will experience improved scalability of its estimating team, ensuring a consistent approach to pricing across the board. The software’s features enable a rapid onboarding process for new estimators, reducing training time and allowing them to provide accurate quotes in a shorter span that ensure greater profitability.

“We’ve been around for over 50 years, and we know that Paperless Parts will help set us up for success over the next 50,” said Dana Gruber, CEO of Actco. “Our most seasoned employee—who started as the most reluctant person to adopt the new technology—is now obsessed with the platform. Being able to codify his 47 years’ worth of tribal knowledge so that we can succeed beyond his tenure is invaluable to our business.”

Paperless Parts’ internal collaboration tools and centralized and searchable database for all quote packages and supporting files will help Actco streamline information retrieval and ensure efficient knowledge transfer across the organization.

“We are honored to collaborate with Actco; their commitment to precision manufacturing excellence aligns perfectly with our vision,” said Jason Ray, Founder and CEO of Paperless Parts. “We are thrilled to contribute to their growth plans, making Paperless Parts an essential component in their journey.”

About Actco Tool & Manufacturing Company

Established in 1966, Actco Tool & Manufacturing Company in Meadville, PA (deemed “Tool City” for its high concentration of tool and die machine shops) provides companies with close-tolerance machining services. Actco specializes in the speedy manufacture and delivery of high-quality tooling, molds, fixtures, dies, gages, and a variety of custom parts for complex industrial equipment. To learn more, visit

About Paperless Parts

Paperless Parts is the industry’s top-rated quoting and estimating software for job shops and contract manufacturers. The software streamlines the quoting process, enabling businesses to generate accurate quotes quickly and efficiently while providing real-time analytics to help companies make better decisions. With Paperless Parts, manufacturers can modernize their operations to improve profitability, generate new revenue, and improve customer satisfaction. For more information about Paperless Parts, visit

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