POWER 2024 Keynote by Paperless Parts Founder & CEO Jason Ray

The theme of Paperless Parts' annual user conference, POWER 2024, was "Train like an Olympian" for a variety of reasons. Not only are we excited about the summer Olympics, but everyone who joins us at POWER truly embodies the spirit of continual improvement, diligence, and persistence. Watch Paperless Parts Founder & CEO Jason Ray deliver a keynote about pushing the industry forward and making American manufacturing the best that it can be.


Expert Panel: Driving Financial Performance & Resilience at Your Shop

In this panel, wedive into key financial considerations for job shop manufacturers for 2024–2025. Hear from financial industry experts who specialize in manufacturing on the current economic landscape and how it may impact businesses across the U.S. We'll cover topics on everyone's minds, from interest rates, key considerations for loans and major purchases, pricing and negotiation strategies, positioning tips for acquisition, strategies for long-term business resilience, and more. This panel is moderated by Estephen Saliba and consist of experts John Slater, Patrick Thornton, and Scot Fredo.


Passing the Baton: Activating Cross-Functional Team Members in Paperless Parts

Everyone knows Paperless Parts is an awesome tool for estimators. But what about your sales reps? Your front desk admins? Your Programmers? Your shop floor? In this session, we walk through how different functions of your organization should be embracing Paperless Parts to improve their day-to-day productivity and company-wide collaboration. This session is led by Paperless Parts Business Architect, Alex Renner and Reata Engineering Estimating & Purchasing Lead Tawny Bush.


Quote Setup Master Class

Master the new quote setup workflow in this interactive workshop led by our resident Quote Setup experts. Get a demo of all the new features launched in the release, with several common scenarios—zip files, pack-and-gos, spreadsheets, etc. Plus, we’ll offer tips and tricks for facilitating the adoption of this new process across your estimating team and customer base. This session was presented by Paperless Parts Customer Success Manager, Liz Bollino and Senior Implementation Project Manager Cameron Schoffstall.


Paperless Hacks: Tips & Tricks for Reducing Clicks and Keystrokes

When it comes to quoting, every second counts. But that doesn’t mean you should rush; it just means you should look to find ways to work smarter, not harder. In this session, learn new, easy ways to minimize clicks in Paperless Parts and simplify your quoting workflow. Get expert tips for reducing repeat and manual steps through browser and keyboard hacks (for Windows & Mac operating systems) that can help you navigate more seamlessly through quote items. This session was presented by Paperless Parts Product Manager, Alex Sinson.


Marketing 101: How to Represent Your Shop and Drive New Business

Everyone knows they should be actively investing in marketing, but few shops have dedicated resources that are focused on it. In this session, we review a few simple, tactical marketing strategies that even shops with limited bandwidth can embrace. Topics covered include maximizing your investment in live industry events, social media best practices, website optimization tips, email marketing basics, and more. This session was presented by Paperless Parts Marketing Solutions Manager, Anne Marie Tracey and LA/NTMA President and President of Ricaurte Precision Inc., Hernan Ricaurte.


Customizing Your Shop's Costing & Pricing Logic for Consistency & Profitability

Paperless Parts is designed to meet your shop’s unique needs. In this session, uncover new ways of maximizing costing and pricing consistency and job profitability with custom formulas, logic, and more. We cover examples like how to change default variables, using visual indicators in your routing templates, using the “days” function and capacity to estimate part lead time automatically, and so much more. This session is presented by Technical Implementation Manager Aaron Liu and Senior Manager of Technical Services, Jack Eccles.


Navigating Change Management: Strategies for Smooth Technology Transitions

When your shop is preparing to cut over to a new technology, there are a lot of hurdles to jump over before go-live. Change management is no easy feat, but there are a few effective ways to keep your team on track and prepare for long-term success. In this session, learn best practices for appointing a strong project champion, being open to change (and getting people excited for change), setting the right goals, preparing for go-live, and how to foster continuous learning and management of new technologies. This session is a must-watch for those actively in Paperless Parts onboarding. This session is presented by Technical Implementation Manager Miles Barker and Senior Implementation Project Manager Nikki Champagne.


Finding Your Flow: How to Optimize the Flow of Work through Your Shop

Paperless Parts is designed to put all the critical information you need to be great at your job right at your fingertips. Tactical information, like who has ownership of each quote and part, where each RFQ is in the quoting process, or what needs to happen next to get quotes out the door helps you make sure nothing falls through the cracks. You also want to surface strategic insights about your win rate to identify your most profitable jobs and better prioritize quotes. In this session, learn how to leverage Paperless Parts to optimize the flow of work through your shop. This session is presented by Paperless Parts Solutions Engineer Courtney Camarillo and Senior Implementation Project Manager Cameron Schoffstall.


Paperless Parts and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Division Partnership

Paperless Parts and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Division have teamed up to promote the adoption of Paperless Parts and facilitate the connection to Hexagon's suite of manufacturing software. Learn more in this session led by VP, General Manufacturing at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Jason Walker.


Modern Metals: Enhancing the Way Shops Manage Their Most Valuable Input

By ensuring real-time access to metal prices, shops can make more informed purchasing decisions, optimize inventory management, and improve overall cost efficiency. In this expert panel, we’ll explore the benefits of integrating live metal pricing into your operational systems. The ultimate goal of this discussion is to equip you with strategies to enhance your shop’s relationship with vendors. This is not just about technology; it’s about rethinking and evolving your processes to stay competitive in an ever-changing market.


Getting Started with Kaizen: Using Value Stream Mapping for Continuous Improvement

Staying ahead in manufacturing requires continuous improvement. The most efficient, productive, and profitable shops regularly analyze, measure, and improve their existing processes. The first step to improving a process, either in the front office or on the shop floor, is to map it out—with a process map, you can identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. In this session, Paperless Parts’ product experts and seasoned customers will get hands-on with the best tools to use and walk through a process mapping exercise for their quote to cash cycle. This session was hosted by Paperless Parts Senior Software Engineer, Dana Wensberg and Dan Villemaire, President at C&M Precision Tech.


The Road to CMMC

With CMMC planned to start hitting contracts in early 2025, shops that work with the DIB need to start preparing now for how to meet compliance requirements. No matter where you are on your CMMC compliance journey, this session will outline where to get started and how Paperless Parts can help in your compliance efforts. We’ll be presenting an update on the CMMC rollout, FedRAMP equivalency for cloud service providers, and how the Paperless Parts’ Aerospace & Defense package is designed to support CMMC Level 2 Certification. This session is led by Paperless Parts Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Scott Sawyer.


Minimizing Scrap, Maximizing Margins: Nesting in Paperless Parts

Attend this workshop to learn how to maximize material efficiency and minimize material cost and scrap through Paperless Parts’ robust set of nesting capabilities. Follow along on your laptop as we demonstrate best practices for quickly generating nests of one or many sheet metal, tube, angle, and u-channel metal parts across your quote. This session is led by Paperless Parts Senior Implementation Project Manager, Cam Schoffstall.


Quoting from PDFs: How to Drive Accuracy & Efficiency When Quoting from Prints

Learn how to review and quote from prints within Paperless Parts – digitally mark up files, securely collaborate, redact sensitive information, easily compare file revisions, and more. Plus, see how our new AI-supported Paperless Assistance feature helps automate and streamline your process of pulling the information you need off of a print. This session was led by Paperless Parts Presales Team Lead Connor LaChapelle.


Integrating Your Tech Stack with Paperless Parts

Paperless Parts is built to help you streamline operations at your shop, from the front office to the shop floor. By integrating the various tools and platforms you use every day at your shop with Paperless Parts, you can centralize data, improve cross-functional communication, and eliminate redundancy. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how it’s possible to build an integration with Paperless Parts to a program with other Open APIs. This session was led by Paperless Parts Technical Architect Reid Lance and Senior Services Engineer Matt Peters.


BOM Building, Reimagined

Building out your bill of materials (BOM), the comprehensive list of parts, assemblies, subassemblies, documents, drawings, CAD models, and other materials required to create a product, might be easier than you think. If you quote assemblies in Paperless Parts, you'll want to watch this session where we walk through how to use Paperless Parts to edit the CAD-extracted quantity of components, move them up or down in the tree structure without having to leave Paperless Parts (or even your quote) and send more accurate quotes, with fewer mistakes, in less time. This session is led by Paperless Parts Product Manager Meg van Deventer.


From Idea to Impact: See How Your Feedback Shapes Our Product

Customer feedback is not just valued; it is crucial in shaping our product. Have you ever wondered who you should approach with a new idea for Paperless Parts? Ever thought, “I wonder why they made that change?” Or have you ever simply been curious about what happens behind the scenes to bring an idea to life on our platform? Peek behind the curtain in this session where you’ll discover where and how to share your product ideas and see our process for transforming your ideas into impactful improvements. This session was hosted by Paperless Parts Product Manager Hank Portney.


Customer Accelerator Award Ceremony

The Accelerator Award is given out at POWER each year to Paperless Parts customers who help push our platform forward and be the best we can be. Congratulations to our POWER 2024 winners!