Materials Pricing at Your Fingertips. Free 1 Year Subscription.

Materials Pricing at Your Fingertips.

Online Metals has partnered with Paperless Parts to give you Paperless Viewer.

Online Metals has partnered with Paperless Parts to give you Paperless Viewer to quickly assess your designs’ manufacturability, get instant material pricing and purchase materials directly from Use Paperless Viewer to access materials pricing faster.

In an unprecedented partnership, Online Metals and Paperless Parts are teaming up to streamline the first step in every quoting process: manufacturability and materials.

  • Quickly assess your designs manufacturability
  • Get instant material pricing
  • Purchase materials directly from
  • View and securely store all 2D and 3D CAD file formats
  • Determine if a part is manufacturable based on your shop’s capabilities
  • Calculate optimal materials requirements (bars, rods and nested sheets)
  • Get instant pricing from Online Metals
  • Securely chat online with your teams or vendors

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Paperless Viewer

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Wire EDM
Sheet Metal

CNC Milling
CNC Lathe
Laser Cutting
Cast Urethane

Paperless Viewer

Instant pricing, manufacturability assessment and secure communications in one tool.

Get Instant Materials Pricing

Calculate required material for bars, rods and sheets. Get instant pricing and purchase from Online Metals.

Reduce Errors

Identify possible issues like tight corners and deep holes or areas that require special tooling. Set up DFM thresholds (and alerts) based on your shop’s capabilities.

Secure Communication

View any CAD file – 3D or 2D or print. Highlight features or measurements in question and securely chat online with your team, vendors and customers.

ITAR Compliant

Paperless Viewer was built with security in mind.

  • Built to be ITAR registered and compliant
  • 100% US-based system administrators and support team
  • Network and servers approved for Controlled Unclassified Information
  • All data securely backed up nightly
  • You always retain ownership on all data that you upload
  • All data hosted on Amazon GovCloud (same servers used by Department of Defense)
  • All data encrypted in-transit using TLS v1.1 and v1.2 with modern ciphers
  • All uploaded files are encrypted at rest with AES-256 Encryption
  • Your files are never sold or shared with third parties
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