Costing vs Pricing, Episode 1: Frameworks for Effective Estimation

When quoting a part, the goal is to 1. Return a quote as fast as possible, and 2. Create a quote that generates adequate profit for your business.

Profit is the difference between the price you charge your customer and what it costs your shop to produce the parts for a job. Costing and Pricing are two different things but are often treated as one process. It is important to perform them separately to do both effectively. Your estimating process should equip you to see the breakdown of your costs and how they influence your price so you can make smarter decisions that influence your profit. To do this effectively, you need the right software tools.

Join our webinar on February 15th at 2:00 pm EST to learn:
• The difference between costing and pricing and why it matters
• Costing vs. Pricing strategies used by Jay Jacobs at RAPID
• How to price strategically with Paperless Parts

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