A Demo with the Founder: How Paperless Parts Can Improve Your Collaboration with Vendors

Requesting a quote from your vendors should be quick, easy, and painless to ensure you can return your RFQ as quickly as possible. Are you spending time going through multiple pages putting sticky notes over proprietary information and scanning those documents to send to your vendors? Are you finding it challenging to communicate with your vendors or feel this step of the quoting process is slowing you down?

At Paperless Parts, our goal is to make your lives easier and streamline some of these uber-manual but critical tasks. Join this webinar with Jason Ray, Co-founder & CEO of Paperless Parts, to see a demo of how Paperless Parts can improve your collaboration with vendors. In this live demo, you will learn how you can easily redact the digital print and save it as a new file to share externally, as well as securely communicate with all vendors in the context of the part.

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