Nuclear Security, Aerospace & Defense Leader Stanek Tool Partners with Paperless Parts to Revolutionize Quoting Process and Empower the Next Generation

June 5, 2023

Industry-leading manufacturer integrates Paperless Parts’ advanced quoting software to enhance customer service and attract young talent for continued growth.

New Berlin, WIStanek Tool, trusted provider of precision machined parts and complex assemblies, is excited to announce its partnership with Paperless Parts: the industry’s premier quoting and estimating software. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Stanek’s journey to enhance its customer service capabilities and empower the next generation of estimators to deliver timely and consistent quotes to its valued customers.

Stanek has built a reputation for excellence and precision over its 99-year history. The company’s goal is to continually improve its ability to serve customers and respond to buyers faster and protect their intellectual property, staying at the forefront of the industry’s evolving demands. By integrating Paperless Parts’ ITAR-registered, cutting-edge software into its sales and estimating team’s workflow and JobBOSS² ERP system, Stanek aims to streamline its processes and achieve top-level security and efficiency.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Paperless Parts as we embark on the next chapter of our company’s growth,” said company president, Chris Sweat. “Our objective is to provide exceptional service to our customers while embracing the capabilities of the next generation of manufacturing. With Paperless Parts, we can equip our estimators with the tools they need to deliver timely and consistent quotes—all while delivering top-level security—positioning us for continued success.”

Paperless Parts will enable Stanek to leverage advanced features designed for rapid onboarding of new estimators. This will significantly reduce training time, allowing the company to bring in more young and skilled individuals who can contribute to its growth. By codifying the collective knowledge and experience of its seasoned team members, Stanek can ensure a seamless knowledge transfer process and nurture a new era of manufacturing expertise.

Additionally, Stanek will benefit from Paperless Parts’ collaboration tools, which facilitate secure internal and external communication and foster efficient teamwork. The centralized and searchable database for all quote packages and supporting files will streamline information retrieval and enable Stanek’s team members to access critical data swiftly.

“We are honored to partner with Stanek, a company with a rich legacy and a commitment to excellence,” said Jason Ray, CEO & Co-Founder of Paperless Parts. “Our software is designed specifically to help shops like Stanek meet the heightened demands of aerospace and defense contractors so they can achieve their growth plans without sacrificing quality and accuracy. We look forward to supporting Stanek’s journey and being a catalyst for their success.”

About Stanek Tool

Established in 1924, Stanek Tool is a trusted provider of precision machined parts, custom gages, and complex assemblies that thrives on solving complex challenges. Their manufacturing facility enables a broad range of capabilities that include custom machining, prototype manufacturing, small-to-medium production runs, and engineering support. To learn more or request a quote today, visit

About Paperless Parts

Paperless Parts is the industry’s top-rated quoting and estimating software for job shops and contract manufacturers. The software streamlines the quoting process, enabling businesses to generate accurate quotes quickly and efficiently while providing real-time analytics to help companies make better decisions. With Paperless Parts, manufacturers can modernize their operations to improve profitability, generate new revenue, and improve customer satisfaction. For more information about Paperless Parts, visit

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