Join Us for a Power Lunch

Quoting Sheet Metal Assemblies, Reimagined: Introducing PEM® Insertion Warnings and Live Pricing & Availability

Thursday, August 24th at 12:00 PM ET
Hosted by GTM Lead, Emerging Products, Peter Tamasi

Fasteners typically make up a small portion of the material cost of a part’s bill of materials (BOM), but fastener-related missteps—like drilling the wrong-sized hole, inserting the wrong fastener, or having a hole placed too close to an edge—can have a massive impact on a job’s profit. At best, they cause chaos within your shop and require hundreds of hours of work to fix. At worst, they can cause your shop to scrap 100% of the parts you make.

Join this Power Lunch to see how Paperless Parts can now automatically alert you of PEM® fastener-specific design for manufacturability (DFM) warnings for sheet metal parts directly in the purchased component section of the Build-a-Quote page. This makes it so your shop doesn’t have to leave Paperless Parts to get accurate pricing and gives you visibility into fastener inventory (so you don’t have to extend your lead time on a job if all of the sudden something isn’t in stock anymore).

As a result, you’ll generate more accurate, informed quotes more quickly that reduce the risk of wasteful errors.

What to expect:
A 20-minute demo kicking off on Zoom at 12:00 PM ET, with plenty of time at the end for a live Q&A with Pete.

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