Join Us for a Power Lunch

From Idea to Impact: See How Your Feedback Shapes Our Product

Thursday, January 25th at 12:00 PM ET
Hosted by Hank Portney

Paperless Parts aims to be a true partner throughout your entire journey as a customer. Your feedback is not just valued; it is crucial in shaping our product.

Have you ever wondered who you should approach with a new idea for the platform? Have you ever thought, “I wonder why they made that change?” Or ever simply been curious about what happens behind the scenes to bring an idea to life in our software?

Join us for a peek behind the curtain in this Power Lunch led by Product Manager Hank Portney. Discover where and how to share your ideas, get a demo of a recently-launched feature born from real customer feedback, and see our process for transforming your ideas into impactful improvements.

Be sure to bring your ideas to the table—at the end of the session, we encourage you to share your product feedback live with Hank!

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