METALfx Increases Quoting Output and Streamlines Estimator Training with Paperless Parts
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METALfx Increases Quoting Output and Streamlines Estimator Training with Paperless Parts


Willits, CA

Company Plan




The Challenge

METALfx’s homegrown quoting system relied on tribal knowledge and manual data entry, resulting in inconsistent quotes and requiring extensive estimator training.

The Solution

Paperless Parts’ software digitizes tribal knowledge in one convenient platform, allowing METALfx to produce more accurate quotes and train estimators efficiently.

The Results

  • METALfx maximizes output with streamlined quoting

  • METALfx drastically decreases training time for estimators, enabling the company to scale faster

  • METALfx builds customer trust by sending out fair and accurate quotes


Founded in 1976, METALfx is a leading provider of precision sheet metal fabrications, enclosures, and assemblies. The company also offers in-demand services like CNC machining, painting, and powder coating from their 125,000 square foot facility in California.

METALfx is proud to develop long-term partnerships with customers, serving a diversified customer base in markets like food service, transportation, medical, aerospace, electronics, and more—from Fortune 500 companies to startups.

METALfx Team members
METALfx Team Members

The company’s President, Henry Moss, and Inside Sales and Customer Satisfaction Manager, Kristy Moss, shared how Paperless Parts software has made a difference in their business.


METALfx relied on three employees for estimating and quoting. Two had decades of accumulated expertise and tribal knowledge. The third employee came to the company with minimal sheet metal experience and underwent a rigorous six-month training to get up to speed on the nuances and complexities of the job.

Their quoting system was highly inefficient. METALfx generated quotes by manually calculating cut lengths and other variables and entering the data into a spreadsheet—a process that sometimes took up to seven days to complete.

METALfx Sheetmetal Parts
METALfx Sheetmetal Parts

The quotes also lacked consistency. With no documented process in place, the three estimators rarely came up with the same quotes for a job. Customers noticed the inconsistencies, calling out variances in quotes for repeat projects.

Business continued to grow, but quoting remained inefficient. METALfx knew that soon enough, they’d need to bring on another estimator, but they were wary of having to implement another arduous training process.

Then, they started using Paperless Parts.


Paperless Parts digitizes the tribal knowledge honed over years of estimator experience as hard data. That transformation has enabled METALfx to generate accurate and consistent quotes in a fraction of the time.

Due to the speed and accuracy of the Paperless Parts software, METALfx decided that they could hold off on hiring another estimator. “We saw Paperless Parts as a way to increase output with the same headcount,” Henry said.

Equally as important, systematizing their quoting process via Paperless Parts will “reduce the training curve” significantly when they do need to hire an additional estimator.

METALfx Machining
METALfx Machining

METALfx’s customers also reap the benefits of their new and improved approach to estimating. When customers receive accurate, clear, and consistent quotes, it eliminates back and forth exchanges, allowing projects to move forward seamlessly.

METALfx Forming
METALfx Forming

“In the very early days of implementing Paperless Parts, we sent a quote to one of our biggest customers. Then, a few days later, we had to do an old-style quote for the same customer. They immediately responded and said, ‘I don’t ever want to see one of these again. If it’s not like the new version, don’t send it to me.’” Henry said.


METALfx Product
METALfx Product

With Paperless Parts, METALfx:

  1. Maximizes quoting output. Before implementing Paperless Parts, METALfx considered adding another estimator to their staff to keep up with demand. Since they began using the software, they can complete more quotes with fewer resources, eliminating the need for another estimator in the short term.
  2. Scales faster and easier. Since digitizing and systematizing their quoting process with Paperless Parts, METALfx can move forward with training new estimators quickly when the time comes, enabling them to scale their business easily.
  3. Increases customer trust. Providing accurate and consistent quotes builds customer confidence and trust and reduces back and forth between METALfx and their customers during quoting.

Paperless Parts enables METALfx to maximize quoting output so that they can quote more work with the lean team that they currently have. The software allows them to turn around consistent and accurate quotes in a shorter time frame, increasing customer satisfaction and trust. When they need to hire a new estimator, they’ll have all critical information digitized and systematized to make training easy.

Henry Moss

“Working with Paperless Parts has been refreshing. You’re easy to do business with, and everyone we’ve met has been great to work with.”