Paperless Parts Integrates with MIE Trak Pro to Enhance Its Functionality and Help Manufacturers Quote Faster

August 3, 2021

BOSTON — Paperless Parts, the leading estimating and quoting software for job shops and contract manufacturers, today announced their live integration with MIE Trak Pro, a flexible and modern ERP solution for manufacturing, assembly, and distribution. The integration enables Paperless Parts and MIE Trak Pro customers to benefit from seamless communication between the two systems. Manufacturers can now save time in the quoting process and avoid manual data entry into more than one system.

Custom part manufacturers know there is no shortage of ERP systems available to support their business. However, many solutions take a one-size-fits-all approach that requires the manufacturer to adjust their business to the structure of the ERP, rather than the other way around. This is where MIE Solutions sets itself apart in the market. Their ERP software is highly customizable and flexible after installation, making it a user-friendly system designed for the needs of each unique manufacturer.

MIE Trak Pro focuses on the complete manufacturing process and, with the utilization of a seamless integration with Paperless Parts, its functionality is extended. Paperless Parts offers MIE Trak Pro users the automation they need for the conversion of 3D-rendered models into costing steps. Paperless Parts improves MIE Trak Pro’s valuable underlying components, making the system even more user-friendly for manufacturing sales teams.

“MIE Solutions, like Paperless Parts, is a company built by manufacturers, for manufacturers,” said Jason Ray, Co-Founder and CEO of Paperless Parts. “Not all ERP companies understand the requirement for their software to be highly customizable and flexible to meet the varying needs of their customers. MIE Trak Pro offers flexibility to its users, which allows them to become successful faster. Integrating Paperless Parts with MIE Trak Pro builds on the flexibility and value of the system by allowing customers to quote faster and more consistently without risk of mistakes in double data entry.”

“It is our honor to welcome the talented team at Paperless Parts as a partner in manufacturing. Our customers deserve the best that we can offer and we feel that Paperless Parts, and the integration that they offer with MIE Trak Pro, will be a great asset to our customers,” said Dave Ferguson, CEO of MIE Solutions.

MIE Track Pro and Paperless Parts integration

The integration between Paperless Parts and MIE Trak Pro provides manufacturers with the flexibility to customize the quoting process to their specific business processes. MetalTronics, a Momentum Group Company, who has been using MIE Solutions ERP products for over ten years, is leading the way by becoming the first manufacturer to deploy this integration.

“Our team has never been more excited to receive an RFQ and return the quote to our customer,” said David Doherty, Vice President of Engineering at MetalTronics. “We all feel more informed being able to see the 3D model, interact with it, and intuitively put together a quote much faster and with more confidence than we could in the past. With MIE Trak Pro and Paperless Parts integrated, the world is our oyster.”

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About MIE Solutions

MIE Solutions is a worldwide leading supplier of advanced technology for manufacturing enterprises with installations in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Mexico, and South Africa. We offer a variety of innovative software solutions for integrating business data. This allows organizations to make informed decisions for streamlining their business processes, resulting in maximum efficiency and significant ROI. Companies of all sizes have used our ERP software solutions to bring their business to the next level, improving their manufacturing productivity and quality.

About Paperless Parts

Paperless Parts is on a mission to help job shops, contract manufacturers and finishing companies improve business and grow by providing them with the most advanced, secure, cloud-based sales and quoting system available. The software streamlines manufacturers’ existing workflows by combining modern business process automation tools with a configurable geometric pricing engine that drives speed and consistency in the quoting process. The platform integrates with CRM and ERP systems to supercharge front office operations and sales teams, and enables more efficient responses to RFQs for a variety of manufacturing processes. Manufacturers across the U.S. have uploaded over 1 million job files using the platform and are processing over $1 million worth of orders a day.