Featured Supplier: HartSmart Products

“The most interesting part(s) we have printed was a full solar-powered food dehydrator assembly for use in third world countries….” Who is HartSmart Products? Leader: Brandon Hart Year Founded: 2015 # of Employees: 1-10 Headquarters: Des Moines, IA What made you decide to join Paperless Parts? We heard about Paperless Parts on a podcast and … Continued

Featured Supplier: R&D Technologies

“We have manufactured everything from aircraft parts, toys, consumer goods and large animatronics for theme parks, to insulin delivery systems and hyper-accurate pipettor devices…” Who is R&D Technologies? Leader: Shawn P. Reilly Year Founded: 1998 # of Employees: 10-20 Headquarters: N. Kingstown, RI What made you decide to join Paperless Parts? Paperless Parts presents a … Continued

Featured Supplier: 3D Printing Ally

“We support our customers, large and small,  with advice, design assistance, and project management for large jobs.” Who is 3D Printing Ally? Leader: Tyler Pope Year Founded: 2014 # of Employees: 2-10 Headquarters: Eden Prairie, MN Equipment: 3D Systems ProJet 6000 SD (Stereolitho­graphy) 3D Systems ProJet 7000 SD (Stereolitho­graphy) 3D Systems sPro 60 (Selective Laser … Continued

Featured Supplier: Re3dtech

“Re3dTech has made thousands of parts on one of the most talked about 3D printing platforms to hit the market. The HP Jet Fusion 4200.” Re3dtech Co-Founders, James Teuber and Russell Beck bring their years of  manufacturing experience to deliver 3D print prototype and production parts using state-of-the-art additive printing technology. Who is Re3dtech? Leader: … Continued

Featured Supplier: Diversified Manufacturing Technologies

“At Diversified, we think, design, build and work just as hard on their project as they do.” Who is Diversified Manufacturing Technologies? Leader: Andrew Tordanato Year Founded: 2016 # of Employees: 2-10 Headquarters: Middletown, CT What made you decide to join Paperless Parts? To reach out and engage with a professional client base. We hope … Continued

Featured Supplier: Impressive Prototypes

“We designed, built and managed delivery of 150 custom case assemblies that were used during every NFL game.” Who is Impressive Prototypes? Leader: Michael Squillace Year Founded: 2006 # of Employees: 2-10 Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN What made you decide to join Paperless Parts? We like the idea of being able to access customer demand for parts … Continued

Introducing Paperless Parts – Discover Manufacturing™

Paperless Parts was founded with one goal in mind – simplifying the way product developers, engineers, and purchasing departments buy custom manufactured parts. Our mission is bold – to help reestablish the dominance of American manufacturing by providing a platform and technical tools within a marketplace that eliminate billions of dollars and millions of hours … Continued

Smart Marketplace for Sourcing Custom Parts Launches

20+ Manufacturing Partners on the Paperless Parts Platform Help Product Developers Get to Market Faster BOSTON, MA, (October 9, 2017) —  Paperless Parts, a leading manufacturing intelligence technology company, today announced the full-scale launch of their custom part marketplace to product developers across the US. The Paperless platform gives product developers the ability to view … Continued

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