Why it Makes Sense to Run Your Job Shop in the Cloud

How does your job shop manage part files and prints? How old is your ERP system? Where do you backup your hard drive and is it done automatically? If you’re storing customer files on your PC and running an ERP on-premises, have you considered moving to a cloud-based solution? Running your shop in the cloud … Continued

Sales Account Executive

Paperless Parts is a SaaS platform that empowers machine shops to thrive in the highly competitive global landscape of Industry 4.0. There are over 20,000 independent machine shops in the U.S. that have a combined revenue of $30 billion. The industry is highly fragmented with the 50 largest companies holding less than 10 percent of … Continued

What’s New in Paperless Parts – January 15, 2019

We’ve got some major new features coming your way with this week’s update. Instant Material Pricing Reference–Now With Online Metals! Save clicks and stop leaving Paperless for your material pricing! Using Online Metals and McMaster-Carr as a reference, we now recommend material stock based on the quantity you pick. Note: These prices are not used … Continued

Who is Paperless Parts?

Paperless Parts was founded with a mission to make manufacturing more accessible. Every day, we hear manufacturers tell us that software companies force them to change how they work to fit their product. We believe this is wrong: there is no “one size fits all” workflow for every manufacturing business. Manufacturers should have the flexibility … Continued

Save time with the QuickBooks Integration Beta

Paperless Parts now integrates with QuickBooks Online. This integration removes the extra step of having to manually enter your data from Paperless Parts into QuickBooks. How It Works The QuickBooks integration will create invoices in Paperless Parts in two scenarios: For orders won via Credit Card – Invoice is created when order is placed. For … Continued

How much would you pay for a RFQ?

I speak with shop owners every day and the conversation always goes in the same direction. They want more business (what they need is an increase in quote activity) but are not sure how or where to start. Most shops dabble with trade shows, some try email marketing and others will even sub-out marketing activities … Continued

What’s New in Paperless Parts – January Edition

As we start the new year, we want to make sure you’re caught up on all the new features and improvements we recently shipped. Quote Using Assemblies You can now upload .STEP assemblies. Line items are created for the top-level assembly as well as each component. This is the first release of our assembly support … Continued

Release Notes – December 4, 2018

We’ve been hard at work improving the product based on your feedback. Check out what’s new in the latest version of Paperless Parts! Find Similar Parts When Quoting a Part When quoting a part for a customer, Paperless Parts now checks to see if you have quoted the part before based on part name and … Continued

3 Things Job Shops Can Do to Build a Marketing Presence

How do you get in front of engineers and buyers that are looking to get custom parts made? Beyond a referral from a peer or coworker, part buyers often start by going to Google. Buyers type in the name of a shop they may have heard about or the name of the service they are … Continued

Running Multiple Shifts in a Job Shop

Jay Jacobs was the founder and CEO of RAPID, a CNC machining and sheet metal shop that grew to $50M in sales and was sold to Proto Labs, Inc. (PRLB) in 2017 for $120M. Today, Jay is a champion for American manufacturing and is working through Paperless Parts to enable job shop owners to compete … Continued

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