The High Cost of Estimating Cycle Times

Whether it is milling, turning, swiss or a combination of, shop owners ask me every day if the Paperless Parts system will match their shop’s cycle times. At the root of their question is a pain in their quoting process: estimating cycle times is one of the biggest time sinks when quoting. It is one … Continued

The Job Shop’s Guide to Cyber Security Standards

NIST 800-171 is coming, and everyone in defense manufacturing needs to be compliant. If you’re not ready, you’re setting yourself up to lose a key part of your business – and putting national security at risk. In America, we project our power and defend ourselves with military technology. The Department of Defense and Intelligence Community … Continued

What’s New in Paperless Parts – August 13, 2019

We have some big updates this summer on Paperless Parts including a new mobile responsive Digital Quote, collaborative quoting, upgraded manufacturability feedback for milling, lathe, sheet metal and so much more!

Simplifying the Numbers

The following article uses The Job Shop Break-Even Rate Calculator. Follow along and find your shop’s break-even rate! One of the most important numbers a business owner needs to know is when they are breaking even (Revenue = Fixed Cost + Variable Cost). This is the line in the sand that clearly delineates between profit … Continued

Paperless Parts is Not an ERP!

At Paperless Parts, our mission is to help job shops overcome the skills gap by giving you the same tools that large companies are spending millions to build. We help you realize the same value and put you on the same footing, at a fraction of the cost.  It is impossible to be amazing at … Continued

How Four Classes of Trinity College are Changing Manufacturing with Paperless Parts

Founded in 2017, Paperless Parts is a Boston-based software startup on a mission. The team has built a platform which streamlines and simplifies operations for thousands of small and mid-sized manufacturers in the United States, helping make custom-part manufacturing more accessible. Its industry transforming approach gives small and mid-sized custom part manufacturers the tools necessary … Continued

How Job Shops Leverage their Historical Data with Paperless Parts

Meet Todd. Todd is an estimator for a machine shop. Todd receives a request for a custom manufactured part, he engineers the quote, and then he sends the quote to the customer hoping to win the order. Just another day in the office for Todd. But something goes wrong today, instead of the customer creating … Continued

Why Digital Quotes?

“Every decision that could have the slightest impact on the customer must be carefully considered before moving forward. As we move into the digital era of customer service, that is more true than ever. A customer is not a transaction or account number. A customer is a human being.” – Shep Hyken, Customer Service Expert, … Continued

Your Shop Quoting Is NOT Consistent From Estimator to Estimator

Many shop owners know but turn a blind eye regarding the inconsistency of quoting by the estimating team.  I did for a long time until we ran an experiment that forced me to take the first steps to making RAPID’s quoting more consistent. Here is the experiment. Pick ten parts that your estimating team has … Continued

Automating Sheet Metal Quoting is Easier than Machining

Automation of quoting has many advantages – it returns quotes to customers faster, provides more consistent pricing from part to part, removes the rote tasks of quoting which frees up time for more value-add tasks and reduces the cost of quoting. As a bonus, you can add expedited delivery and price options for specific part … Continued

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