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What to Look For in a Manufacturing Cost Estimating Software Solution

There are many reasons to implement cost estimating software solutions, including to save a vast amount of time for your shop, to bridge the skills gap between your junior and more experienced employees, and to harness the speed and accuracy of these modern solutions in the costing process. When you decide to invest in a … Continued

From Chaos to Faster, More Strategic Quoting

Between gathering all of the relevant RFQ information and adjusting pricing estimates for tens of quotes per day, it’s easy for job shop owners to lose track of where each quote stands. Read on to find out how Metalmite has been able to organize their quoting process and guarantee a 48-hour quote delivery for customers. … Continued

Leveraging Grants and Federal Assistance to Grow Your Business

Advancing your shop’s technological and training capabilities is a worthwhile investment that can grow your business in unprecedented ways. Though it can be difficult to take assets out of your day-to-day operations to make this a reality, this doesn’t mean you should write off pursuing what will advance your business today. State grant programs assist … Continued

Why I Joined Paperless Parts: John D’Augelli (Business Development Representative)

I joined Paperless Parts for three main reasons: opportunity, necessity, and the team. On my previous Business Development Representative (BDR) team, the opportunity to learn and grow was limited. Within my first conversation with Paperless Parts, I immediately noticed that opportunity was present. In speaking with leadership, I saw their success and incredible career paths … Continued

Why I Joined Paperless Parts: Connor LaChapelle (Account Executive)

I was hesitant to leave one of the largest technology companies to join a team of about 20 people at Paperless Parts. However, two months later, I can already tell it was one of the best decisions of my professional career. I feel that my effort and voice have a more tangible impact on building … Continued

The Team Revolutionizing Manufacturing: Customer Success at Paperless Parts

Paperless Parts has built its Customer Success process from scratch, centering its approach around the unique needs of every job shop to ensure they get the most out of our product. Our Customer Success team is transforming the manufacturing industry through each job shop we work with. Why should you want to be part of … Continued

The Co-op Experience at Paperless Parts

As a Project Lead at Sandbox ― one of Northeastern University’s student-led software development organizations ― Cindy Luo embraces the importance of working in immersive, hands-on roles during her time as a computer science student. At Sandbox, students tackle real-world projects for clients in a team setting. The students involved in the organization are go-getters, … Continued

Working Together: Modern Quoting Software and Your ERP Solution

Today’s modern manufacturing ERP solutions aim to comprehensively manage nearly all business functions. Though the enhanced adaptability of ERP software is accelerating the departure from the “one size fits all” approach prevalent among earlier ERP systems, even these modern solutions do not account for the unique attributes nor the quoting needs of each manufacturer.  Unlike … Continued

The Team Revolutionizing Manufacturing: Product Design at Paperless Parts

To digitize the manufacturing process at large, job shop owners must have confidence in working with an interface for a product that will transform their former quoting systems. In turn, designing an intuitive user interface is essential for the adoption of the revolutionary software we create here at Paperless Parts. So what does this process … Continued